India Sudar Visit Report Govt Schools in Tiruvallur District


As part of the India Sudar School adoption program in Tiruvallur District, I and Udhay visited the following Schools in Tiruvallur last Saturday (24-09-2011) and discussion with respective HM and teachers.

1. R.M.J Govt Higher Sec. School

About the School: The school is situated in the outer area of the Tiruvallur District. Most of the school children’s are travelling one hour from nearby villages to this school because their teaching standard. 90% student parents are working as labor. For the last few years the school was supported by some organization for paying teacher’s fee the Self Finance Group (Commerce). But they have withdrawn the support for this school because of financial reason. Currently the school have two commerce teaches for taking class for +1 and +2 students. For the last few months they are working without getting any salary. So they requested India Sudar to support the teacher’s salary from the current month.

School Details

Standard – 6 to 12th

School Strength – 854

Total no of Teachers – 21

+1 Commerce – 107

+2 Commerce – 68

Commerce Teacher Details

1. Srinivasan – M.Com.B.Ed

2. Bharathi – M.Com


Requested the teacher salary for the Commerce Group

Requested for Career Guidance for +1 and +2 Students

Important points about the school :

–> 10th Pass Percentage – 75 (Last Year)

–> +2 Pass Percentage – 80(Last Year)

–> They are providing coaching based on the children level

–> Yoga for the school students

–> Library funded by Government

2. Govt High School, Pakkam, Tiuvallur District

About the School: The school is located in the rural area of Tiruvallur District. Most the student’s parents are working as labor. Last year the school pass percentage in 10th examination was 49%. 90% of the students are failed in science and English subjects. They have requested India Sudar to deploy one teacher for conducting special coaching for the 10th students in the evening.

School Details:

Total Students: 500

Total Teachers: 16

Total No of teachers for 9th and 10th: 6

Total no of 10th students – 126

10th Boys: 53

10th Girls: 73

Last Year 10th Pass %: 49


1. Deploy teacher for Evening class for 10th students

2. Special coaching for English Reading

3. Govt Higher Secondary School, Tiruvallur.

About the School: The school is located in the rural area of Tiruvallur District. The school has sufficient no of teacher for all the standards except the Commerce (Self Finance). They have appointed two teachers for the commerce subjects. They are using student scholarship from poor students and collecting fee from students and paying the teacher salary. They have received the bench and desk from Hyundai. Every year at least one student from this school is coming in toper in Tiruvallur District Govt Schools. The school has pass percentage of more than 80% in all academic year.

School Details

Total no of students: 536

Total no of Vocational Students: 90


1. Deploy teacher for evening class

2. Partial support for the Commerce teacher


Kindly let me know if anybody is interested in conducting events in the above mentioned schools.


Karthikeyan M

India Sudar School visit report – Govt hr Sec School, Nayakarpalayam – Coimbatore – Tamilnadu

Hello all India Sudar members,

Of late, Dinesh and I have visited Govt hr Sec School, Nayakarpalayam – Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It is located in very deep rural area, 40 KM away from Coimbatore. Most of students are coming from nearby govt homes and private homes. Many of the students are parentless students. We can see the presence of many homes near to the school. Students are from financially and socially unfavorable families. School utilizes govt fund for one teacher salary, maintenance, EB etc. PTA is not active in this school.


Govt hr Sec School,


Near Periyanayakan palayam,

Coimbatore (DT),


Totally 905 students are studying in this school.

Class Girls Boys Total
6 46 45 91
7 48 58 106
8 49 56 105
9 68 107 175
10 96 132 228
11 53 57 110
12 40 49 89

Total = 905

Last year school performance
Class Topper mark Pass percentage
SSLC 465 out of 500 84%
Plus two 1001 out of 1200 76%

School needs:

Ø School is in the urgent needs of painting blackboard in 30 class rooms. (Cost for painting each blackboard is Rs.500/- so totally 15,000 for 30 blackboards )

Ø Uniform, Stationery and school bag.

Ø Career guidance and motivation sessions.

You can see some of the school pictures in the below link

Thanks and regards,


Member of India Sudar,

Cognizant technology Solutions,


Mobile: +91 – 99425 93682.

Tamil Nadu, North Chennai Visit Report – Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam, Old Washermenpet

Dear Friends:

I have visited to Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam, 19, Rathina Sabapathy Road, Old Washermenpet, Chennai – 600 021, had discussion with Admin J.Venkatesth and some of the home students.

1. About: Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam is located at Tondiarpet, Chennai and it is established in 1931 and the Foundation Stone was given by our beloved “Father of our Nation” – Mahatma Gandhi. Currently this organization takes care of 53 orphan/ST/SC children & funded by Government of Tamilnadu. All these students will stay in this government home and studying in nearby government schools.

Contact Person:Mr.C.Anantharangam (Secretary)

Phone: (Office) +91 44 25955946

2. India Sudar started education project for this home from year 2005, But last year(2009-10) we are not able to identify suitable teacher for this place to continue our classes.

3. Total student in this home – 53, Class wise nos 12th-9, 11th-5, 10th-9, 9th-9, 8th-7, 7th-7, 6th-6, 5th-1

4. Requirement

4.1 Requested regular class within this home for 9th – English and Match, 10th – English and Maths, 12th – English and Math’s

4.2 12th students requested guide for Group – Computer Science – 3 Set, Science – 1 set, Tamil – 2 set.

5. Our Plan: We are initially planning to provide regular Academic training for 9th, 10th and 12th standard students.

If anybody interested to do any other education activity for this home, Please let us know.

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607
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Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore & Karur Dist Teachers deployment

Hello all,

We are very glad to announce that we have been deployed teachers in the below mentioned on sites.

A brief summary is given below. The detailed information is attached in this email.

Our sincere thanks to India Sudar members Diwakaran.K and Ramesh kolati for funding to these deployments.

If anyone is interested to sponsor salary for few months, please contact us.

S. No On site Place Purpose Teacher name and Qualification Fund Owner
1 (OTN56) Govt Hr Sec School, Velliankadu, Karamadai, Coimbatore (Dt) – TN Velliankadu, Coimbatore To teach the Mathematics to +2 students to enhance the academic performance Mr.M.Sivakumar M.Sc; B.Ed Mr. Ramesh Kolati
2 (OTN56) Govt Hr Sec School, Velliankadu, Karamadai, Coimbatore (Dt) – TN Velliankadu, Coimbatore To teach the Commerce to +2 students to enhance the academic performance Mr.G.Arulkumar M.Com; B.Ed; M.Phil Mr. Diwakaran.K
3 (OTN70) Govt Hr School, Porani Velliyanai via, Karur Porani, Karur To teach the basics of computer to the school students. Teacher will assist the students to utilize the video based learning and enhance the reading habit

through our library

Mrs. S.Bakkiyalakshmi D.Ted; Certification in computer education

Thanks and regards,


Member of India Sudar,

Cognizant technology Solutions,


Mobile: +91 – 99425 93682.


TN Proj Report 2011_12_TEACHER_TN_1.323.pdf


India Sudar Do you think you can spend your time and experience for to Prepare “IS Moral Education” Material ?

Dear Friends: India Sudar ( works for rural India Education in 11 Indian states/union territory. Our team decided to make best “India Sudar Moral Education” package for government school students. Yes off course already we are running this type of program partially. Now we plan to prepare material/content based on following 11 topics for 15 hrs session. This education will be delivered to all our education site(Government Schools, Homes) through volunteers and dedicated teachers. Initially we will prepare PPT and Poster for these topics & followed by movies for every topics.

1. Power Of The Mind

2. Character Building

3. Self Discipline, Self Confident, Self Analyze, Self Motivation

4. Health, Food, Cleanliness and Sports

5. Goal Setting

6. Our Culture, Our History

7. Time Management

8. Decision Making

9. Leadership Practice

10.Reading Habits


If you think, you can spend your experience and time to prepare this material for any of this topics, Please let us know. You can reach us @ admin

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607
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Tamil Nadu, Thiruvallur Dist GOVT HIGH SCHOOL GNAYARU, CHENNAI -600 067

Note: Visit report, By IS member Kathiravan.R (1400)

GOVT HIGH SCHOOL GNAYARU, Thiruvallur dist, CHENNAI -600 067

Respected sir,

Gnayaru village is 12 km away from the Redhills.The middle school in gnayaru was changed into high school before 2 years .10 village students are studying In school . Mostly the students are very poor and their parents are working the daily wages. But the students are very active to face the public exam. The last year result of their school was 98%. The students are mostly crossed above 400 marks .But school facilities were very low. The teachers were not enough to accompany them. There are 345 students but the teachers are only 5 members.



Gnayaru village and post Chennai 600 067

Ponneri Taluk, Thiruvallur dist

Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Student’s particulars:

  1. No. of Teacher’s from VI to X – 5
  2. No. of Students from VI to X – 345
  3. No. of SC Students from VI to X – 198
  4. No. of ST Students from VI to X – 3
  5. No. of SC Students from X only – 35
  6. No. of Father less Students – 33
  7. No. of Motherless Students – 8
  8. No. of Students under poverty line – 250
VI 17 23 14 6 7 3 38 32 70
VII 22 24 1 17 12 1 41 36 77
VIII 22 16 1 12 14 3 4 37 35 72
IX 18 21 12 14 5 35 35 70
X 11 24 1 7 10 2 1 20 36 56
TOTAL 90 108 1 2 62 56 18 8 171 174 345

Needs of this school:

  • Teachers
  • Uniform
  • Note Books

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607

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Tamil Nadu, Theni District Library visiting report

Dear all,

I went to Theni –Kadamalaikundu village on 31st August on behalf of
India sudar .

Our Library is being utilized very well. Minimum of 30 students come
to the library daily.

The response was good. I interacted with the nearby students and village people.

They need more number of Tamil books as their basic requirement. We
would surely fulfill their wish in the future.

Best Regards

Senthil Kumaran

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