India Sudar Tamil nadu Ootathoor government high school need your support

Date of Visit : 11.07.2011

Members Visited: Ram kumar P , Pagutharivalan P

School Name: Government High School,
Ootathoor , Lalgudi (Tk),
Trichirapalli (Dt),
Tamil nadu.

School Strength: 252 (5 th to 10 th )

About the performance:
This school is making use of the same room for both primary and secondary classes. Request for separate classrooms has not been favourably considered. This problem has been continuing for more than a decade.Despite this, the school has achieved 100% result through-out its existence.



Top score – 481/500
7 students – 450/500 above
23 students – 400/500 above
18 students – 300/500 above
1 student – 250/500 above
How they achieved :
Headmistress taking care of the students even during the holidays, by conducting special classes, model tests. Many days she stayed in the school itself for the students.
We really admired about their performance.

Their Needs:

1. Teacher to conduct computer classes

2. Science Models(Globe, basic science models, maps)

3.Career guidance for the students because many of them going catering, coolie work college after the completion of high school.

4. Science awareness programs

5. CD/DVDs – English,Maths ,Science

6. Mic (audio) for conducting morning prayers

7. Library for the students

8. Need axe, spades for nursery

9. Sports materials is needed because no such things in the past years.

10. Notice Board for displaying student activities.

11. Green writing board

Links :

School photos:


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