India Sudar Visit Report: Panchayath school,Samichettipalayam Coimbatore dt

Date of Visit : 19 June 2011 Sunday

Members Visited: Mr.S.Veerakumar and Balamanikandan.K

School has sufficient no of teachers. School strength: 257 (1st std to 8th std).

School runs at 3 Different campuses.

Headmaster showed the govt fund and its utilisation with complete transparency and necessary particulars.

Students are from extremely poor back ground. Photos can explain the back ground.

School gives importance to quality of education. They are utilising computers,CDs given by govt and English and Tamil news papers-reading.

school allocated one compulsory period for library.

Verification of Our support to Black Board Painting:

It is done effectively. Please see the below url.

Other Requirements:

Uniforms for 6th std students – Helping Minds takes care of this issue. (Under process).

1. Monthly Periodicals to school students : Indiasudar will take care.

2. Fencing to close the campus. – Rs.15,000 is needed

3. Water connection from sintex to toilets – Required (Motor and Pipeline estimation 6000 Rs.)

4. One bureau to keep the books. Estimation: Rs.4000

(Please see the photos to understand the requirement)

proj report 2.222-tn-2011-12.pdf

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