India Sudar 5 students seeks your support to study-Partial financial support needed

Dear all,

We received five requests. All the requests are verified. The students’ financial requirement is analyzed and suggested amount is mentioned here.

All the students’ are from financially underprivileged background.

Please select the students based on the amount and family back ground as per your wish (Check the attached files) and communicate us to help the needy. Any amount (partial/full) is welcome

Your support will help them to get a job and hence eradicate the poverty line of an family.

Student Name Course Partial Fee required Per year Request verified by
K. NACHIYAR AMMAL 2nd year -Diploma in Textile Technology 5000 Rs Mr.Arumuga perumal,Rajapalayam
P. HARIKRISHNAN 2nd year – Diploma In Mechanical Engineering 3500 Rs Mr.Arumuga perumal,Rajapalayam
S. ARUNAGIRI 2nd year-B.Com 9000 Rs Mr.Arumuga perumal,Rajapalayam
M. ANGALAESWARI 2nd year- Diploma in Garment Technology 4500 Rs Mr.Arumuga perumal,Rajapalayam
R VIJAYAKRISHNAN BA (Tamil) B.Ed –One year course 10,000 Rs Mr.Ramkumar,Karur

Best Regards,


Nachiyar-India Sudar 2011-2012.doc

Harikrishna-India Sudar 2011-2012.doc

Arunagiri-India Sudar 2011-2012.doc

Angalaeswari-India Sudar 2011-2012.doc


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