Rajasthan Minutets of meeting – KickOff meeting-IS Rajasthan Team

Dear friends,

Greetings to all. I’m glad to inform you all that yesterday we organised 1st kick-off meeting of India Sudar Rajasthan team. Its really a great moment for all of us.

Response & Enthusiasm of participants was really overwhelming.

Minutets of meeting – KickOff meeting:

Date/Time: 18-May-2011, 10.00 PM.TO 11:50PM


Shailendera Kumar Mangal
Rajveer Singh
Radhe shyam Vaishnav
Ved Prakash
Udhaya Kumar.V

This is first Kick off meeting of IS RJ team. As our team is very new & we are in starting phase. It was started with introduction off all members and then Mr. Udhaya Kumar explained to team regarding our Vision, how we are approaching , whats our strategy, how India Sudar is working and how we are running various activities & projects. Its all about brief introduction about India Sudar.

Myself & Radhe (RJ-Sec.) shared the experience of ongoing projects & what we did till date. Shailendera & Ved Prakash also shared there ideas & plan for India Sudar.

As this is the new team me & Udhay has faced many queries from team members and many news ideas came.

Discussed Topic:

Major problems:
1.Most of Govt school going students not able to get basic education.
Reason: Lack of teachers, in max case teachers not taking care much about them.
2. Lack of awareness & less involvement of local people in any short of Govt. project.
3. Privatization of education system. Most of people running their own private schools. Hence now this is the common mind set that private school only provide good education.

There is lot off ideas & problems shared by all members.

There is plenty of problems but in starting phase we decided to focus on basic education. we’ll start our projects one by one. As Radhe will start new learning centre near barmer dist. for 30 students.

Shailendra will start to ensure good education for 30 student of 9th &10th student in Karoli Dist. Ved will start with career guidance program & assement in selected Govt schools. From my side.I’m in process to start summer special learning centre for 50 students.

Strategy discussed and decided – List of your plan. First of all we’ve to build a good team so we’ve to invite more volunteer for this. Next we have to build an environment for quality education for this we’ll motivate to School teachers, students & their parents. For this purpose we decided to include more & more local people.

1 Short Term Plan

  1. Inviting more volunteers & to make active existing team members.
  2. We must have to start projects at Barmer, Karouli & Suratgarh.
  3. Executing the Educational projects to the above selected site.
2 Long Term Plan (2011 – 12)

  1. Every volunteer should influence the people to get more volunteers.
  2. Ensuring the proper monitoring of ongoing projects & identifying new sites.
  3. Making aware people about our Vision.
3 Selecting active members for various posts.

Overall It’s a really great start. We have very good guidance from Udhaya. He is motivated & supported the new team in great manner. Thank you so much Udhaya.

Thanks to all members for making this meeting a huge success. Dear member please share your experience about this meeting.

Thanks to India Sudar family for great support & guidance.

As we are in starting phase your valuable ideas & suggestion are always welcomed.

Thanks again to all.

Rajveer Singh


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