India Sudar Tamil Nadu Ur support Required-Middle school-Coimbatore


We are now concentrating on selected schools in and around Karamadai area of Coimbatore.

Now here is the new school where we are planning to concentrate.

Panchayath union middle school,Samichettipalayam, Coimbatore dt.

School has been referred by Mr.Veerakumar (Our member). We have discussed with him as well as school HM. Our member visited the school also. HM is very genuine and sincere.

Please find the attached survey form to know about school.

School receives Rs.17000 per year from govt towards maintenance. We verified all his work and expenditure and the requirement.

He is taking care of the school with full care even during Holidays.HM recently requested and received some amount from a nearby industry towards Building Renovation. School does not have adequate infrastructure. School has 10 teachers. All are cooperative and sincere.

Now he requested us to extend the support for the following.

If anyone is interested please fund for the requirement 1 – Black board painting – Rs.3000.

1. Top Priority: Black board painting (paint plus labour charge: Rs.3000 for 10 boards) – Funding Required
2. Monthly periodicals (they have good library) – we can do this later along with other schools.-will be done later
3. Sports materials -will be considered later
4. Spoken English CD – will do along with other schools. – will be done later

PUM Samichettipalayam-Coimbatore.doc


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