IMPORTANT – YEARLY PLAN What we are going to do in Year 2011-12 ?

Dear Friends,

1.What we did till date (Feb-2004 to Mar-2011) ?

690 projects in 11 states/UT,

Rs. 58,39,315 expensed

61,990 students benefited through our 6 type of the projects.

2. What we are going to do in year 2011-12 ?

248 projects will be executed in 10 states/UT

25,83,409 Rs. Required to execute this projects

28,907 students will get benefit

Note: Refer attached excel for complete year project plan.

3. How we will get Rs.25,83409 ?

Rs.15,49,013 will be India Sudar fund. This will come from India Sudar members and partners as a donation.

Rs.10,34,396 will be raised by every state team locally through different type of the fundraising activity. This amount target may go up/down based on the team performance. This may affect total number of projects also.

4. How you can reach this Goal as a Member ?

You can work as work-coordinator to initiate, execute, review and control the project.

You can work as project, district, onsite Lead to execute the projects.

You can donate your 24 hrs in a year, towards any specific activity as a volunteer.

You can donate small money to India Sudar for projects (Every Month).

You can fund for any selected project completely or partially.

You can spread India Sudar activity in your friends/office network to bring more member & fund.

You can post any education requirement(from village, gov school, home and individual) to India sudar.

You can participate in any fund raising activity.

5. Let’s work together to reach our vision. I am sure, your small contribution(time & money) will make BIG change in rural students education and there life.

Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91.98867.33607

"Own It & Do It"

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