Tamil Nadu Event and Proj Report-Career Guidance-VIT -Ghss,Brammapuram,Vellore-TN

Dear All,

Indiasudar and VIT Alumni Association conducted career guidance awareness program on March 5th,2011-Saturday.

Beneficiaries: 250 students – 9th and +1 students of Government hr.sec school,Brammapuram. The school is situated 10 km from Vellore town.

Village students from various branches (studying physics,chemistry,maths,biology,computer science,agri,commerce,accounts subjects) attended the program. We started the session by 10 am and concluded by 12.30 pm.

We distributed our career guidance booklets to the students. Total cost: Rs.1500. Please refer the attached report.

Please see the photos:


All the arrangements were done by VIT alumni association. Our special thanks to our member Rajveer Singh,Pankaj and Archana for their initiative. Without them we could not have conducted this event.We thank Prof.J. Krishna Kumar (VIT alumni officer) who made all the necessary arrangements for this event.

Thanks to one and all for the continuous support.

Attended Volunteers from indiasudar

1.Udhayakuma V


3.Rajamadasamy M

4.Biswaranjan sahoo

(Indiasudar members as well as VIT Alumni)

5. Amit Goyal,

6,Rajveer Singh

7. Archana

(Health Club Members-VIT student).

8. Ajay Pandey,

9. Murali K Krishnamoorthy


10. Krishna Kumar(VIT alumni officer)

11. Prof. G V Sridhar(VITAA chairman)


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