Madurai, Tamil Nadu IS & Thigam Learning Center – Visit & Project Review Report

Dear Friends,

1. Photo:

We(Prem Kumar.OM & Myself) visited to IS & Thigam Women Trust Learning Center, Madurai on 20-Feb-2011 and had discussion with Amudha Shanthi & Selvam about project activity.

2. About the project: India Sudar deployed 10 teachers in Learning Center, which is maintained by Thigam women trust. We started this project in academic year 2008_09, deployed teachers and provided completed education stationary for the learning center students. Currently 340 students studying in 10 learning centers.

3. Thigam women trust mainly focused on activities by diasabled women. It creates selfemployment for them to enhance the livelihood and addresses issues related to their rights.

4. Review: We visited to three learning center, had discussion with students, teachers. I am sure, this centers helping lot for this rural gov schools students education growth. Already we are having process to monitor this students progress. But still we discussed and decidied to do internal monthly assessment to document the students progress, So that we can concentrate on any specific subject and students more. Already they have summer program which contain list of activity other then academic. WE decided to add our Career Guidance program also part of this Summer camp.

5. Learning Center Detail as follows:

S.No Villages Teachers Nof Work Code Salary Fund Owner
1 Melakkal V.Deivakani 29 1.192/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 TCE-CRESCENDO
2 Kamatchipuram R.S.Prabu 45 1.193/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 TCE-CRESCENDO
3 K0.Pudur K.Anushiya 25 1.194/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 TCE-CRESCENDO
4 Thiruvedagam P.Pichaiyammal 20 1.195/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 TCE-CRESCENDO
5 Kodimangalam A.Shirani 35 1.196/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 TCE-CRESCENDO
6 Oothukuzhi S.Malliga 25 1.197/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 Helping Hands
7 Kezhamathur M.Inbavalli 16 1.198/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 Helping Hands
8 Mannadimangalam C.Lakshmi 30 1.199/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 Helping Hands
9 Bykaraa R.Danalakshmi 35 1.200/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 Helping Hands
10 Thottappanaikanur T.Banumathi 30 1.201/TN/2010_11 Rs.600 Helping Hands
Total 340 6,000

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