Bangalore Visited to PremaVidya (Unit of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement)

Dear Friends,

1. Photo:

2. I have visited to PremaVidya (Unit of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement) and had discussion with Naresh Bala (Heading PremaVidya Project, on 26-Feb-2011. I have visited to one of there site “Gov School Sarakki, JP Nagar, Bangalore”, where they implemented there projects.

3. About PremaVidya:

3.1 SVYM (Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement) is one of the Karnataka’s most respected NGOs & working last 27 years. PremaVidya is one of the SVYM Education Project unit runs from # 294 4th Cross, 8th Street, JP Nagar Dollar Colony, Bangalore.

3.2 PremaVidya is a full time NGO(140+ employees, 60+ crores yearly budget), Creating digitalized education model to support Karnatka Government School from 8th to 10th standard students. There project as follows.

3.3 VIDEOS: They created 8th to 10th (Only for this 3 classes) Karnatka government school syllabus to TV/DVD based learning materials. Already they implemented this in 22 Government schools in Karnatka. Every school they deployed TV + DVD Player + Battery Backup in the class rooms to run this interactivity CD based training. We don’t required much skilled teacher to run this CD’s. Intention of this program to provide 100% result in 10th standard.

3.4 WORKSHEETS: They have created worksheets to increase learning levels of academically smarter children. This is based on academic syllabus. Worksheets have been developed for 8th, 9th and 10th.

Already we are also using Premji Foundation learning CD’s in our Computer Centers. But this is not exactly map with Academic syllabus. This will provide more knowledge on specific subject. We can’t use this for examinations.

4. Already we are running traditional trainings program for 10th standard students through Prof Subbanna and his material. Yes off course this is one of the best material and already helped lot for 10th standard school results. But we need very good teachers to use this material to extend it to more school to reach 100% 10th result.

5. How we can use PremaVidya Material and Experience for IS projects ?

5.1 PremaVidya very much happy to partner with India Sudar and share all there material for our use. It means, they are ready to share all there CD’s with teacher training(2 days). Only we need to identify our existing schools(Chikkaballapur District, Tumkur District, Karnataka) and build our digital infrastructure to use this CD’s. Biggest advantage of this Digital Education, we don’t required skilled teachers. All we need one time digital infrastructure and follow-up teachers.

5.2 Already Every year, we are running NBD(Note Book Drive), where we are providing complete education stationary. As part of this we can provide WORKSHEETS for 8th to 10th students. This will be very useful for this students. Already Karnatka team discussed lot about WorkSheet implementation for selected schools in Chikaballapur, etc

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