India Sudar 2010 – Leadership & Volunteer Excellence Award

Dear Friends,

We know that every small contribution from our members towards our vision, it matters. But we decided we should acknowledge some of our members for there sustainable yearly contribution towards our vision. Based on this process India Sudar chief nominated people under two categories and finalized the award winners for 2010. I am taking this opportunity to announce following award winners under two categories. My Sincere thanks to all, behalf India Sudar. Yes off course long way to Go together !!

India Sudar – Leadership Excellence Award 2010

1. Balamanikandan.K

2. Karthikeyan.M

3. Mohan Raj.K

4. Rajveer Singh

5. Ravi Kumar.K

6. Vinod S Murgod

7. Sivanarayanan P

India Sudar – Volunteer Excellence Award 2010 (Project initiation, Project co-ordination, Fund raising, IT Support, promotion and branding)

1. Arumuga Perumal

2. Balasarasuwathi V

3. Baskar.K.N

4. Dheenadayalan.S

5. Ganapathy Subramanian.K

6. Prashanth L A

7. Priyanka Rao

8. Radhakrishnan.R

9. Radhe Shyam Vaishnav

10. Raghavendra Prasad A R

11. Rajamadasamy.M

12. Ramaseshan.S

13. Ramkumar.P

14. Sangeetha.B

15. Santhosh L.A

16. Senthil Nathan

17. Suresh.R

18. Thejaswini.A.R

19. Udayakumar Kadirvel

Note: India Sudar Award will be given in any of the future India Sudar program (or) Hand it over directly in there home (or) Posted through Postal.

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