Project Report – Guidance program for 10th std students appearing for exams at Govt. High School Alkapura, Chickaballapur 1 Attachment

Hello friends,

Please find below the particulars of the Guidance program for 10th std students appearing for exams at Govt. High School Alkapura, Chickaballapur conducted by KA-IS team members.

Date: 19th Feb, 2011
School visited: Government High School, Alkapura.
Members Involved: Raghavendra, Raghu, Ram, Tejaswini, Bhargav, Mahesh, Udhaya Kumar V, Anand, Priyanka.
Duration of the Event: 10:30am – 01:30pm
Number of Students participated: 200+
Number of Teachers participated: 30

Introduction about Professor Subbanna: After a successful career in NCERT and education departments, he has taken up the noble cause of guiding rural kids on the career opportunities available. He has also authored several books on career guidance and on cracking the state, CBSE and ICSE exams. He has conducted several workshops in Govt. schools towards this cause.

Sequence of Events:

200+ Students from 2 different schools all belonging to 10th std were assembled in a class room. Enthusiasm was clearly evident on both – teachers as well as students faces.

In the first session(10:30am – 11:30am), Prof Subbanna addressed all the students and gave them tips as how to crack the 10std examinations.
He familiarized the students to different kind of questions they can expect during the exams and how to go about answering them. Prof gave them valuable guidance about the different things they have to keep in mind while answering the questions.

During this session Prof. Subbanna addressed Kannada, English and Hindi subjects.

In the second session(12.00am – 1:00pm), Prof. Subbanna addressed the remaining subjects – Maths, Science and Social Science.
Prof. Subbanna through his expertise and familiarity with the subjects, motivated the students and by the end of the session there was a definite change in the confidence level of the students. Pamphlets containing information about different Careers prospects after 10th std and details about the 10th std examinations was distributed to all the students present.
Both the sessions were highly interactive and students cleared the doubts they had.

As the second session was in progress, few India Sudar members were addressing around 25 teachers from different schools. This was a session aimed at understanding the stationary needs of different schools for every particular grade. This was particularly very interactive thus helping us, India Sudar, to understand and evaluate the changes the schools have undergone after receiving support from India Sudar.

After the sessions were over, all the subjects books including the sample questions and answers were handed over to Sri Sheshadri– the Headmaster of Chikkakurugodu. These books will be distributed to the teachers of 10 different Govt. high schools to help them in preparing the students for the exams.

Apart from the question bank for each subject, there were few books from our partner organization “Vidyaposhak”. It includes Integrated Science and Technology and related workbooks in English medium. These books were handed over to Sri Ramachandraiah HM of Gedire Govt. High school to distribute to different Govt. high schools in chickaballapur district. Thanks to Narendran, from “Vidyaposhak” for donating these books.

By this time, all of us was very hungry and we treated ourselves to the very tasty food prepared in the school. After lunch, under the cool shade of the tree we all had a general discussion about how to improve the teaching process and in what way India Sudar can contribute more.
Prof Subbanna deserves a special mention for his enthusiasm,passion and his motivation even at the age of 83.

This was followed by a small photo session, the photos of which and the above mentioned events can be found at

Please find attached the project report which contains the particulars about the entire project.

The event was successful and the India Sudar’s members efforts in making the event successful was highly appreciated.

India Sudar thanks G C Ramachandraiah – Headmaster of Gedire, Seshadri – Headmaster of Chikkakurugodu, and again the Volunteers involved for taking special interest in making this event successful.






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