Tamil Nadu VIT University, Vellore(TN) VISIT Report.

Hi Friends,

On last Saturday (12th Feb,2011) Myself , Mr. Udhaya & Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jha visited VIT University, Vellore .

My self & Pankaj both are alumni of VIT and along with our few passionate friends during our college time we started a social welfare group(http://www.healthclub-vit.tk/) in VIT itself to contribute something towards society. VIT one of the leading institute of India, always supporting its students for contributing towards society. VITAA(VIT alumni association)
also planning to start some new activities in different cities. In this regards Myself. Udhaya & Pankaj decided to Visit VIT to meet VIT management, VITAA memers & our old friends.

Our main purpose of this Visit is to organize a career guidance program for Govt. School students of near by VIT & Vellore. As VIT has very good infrastructure & lots off students(more then 16,000) , from all over India, even from each state of India.

Hence the main objective of organizing this career guidance program is that we can call maximum students in VIT & we can also invite VIT students to attend this program so they can get an idea and in future they can execute this from
their own. Whenever & wherever possible. Same time we are also planning to bring more volunteers to India Sudar so we can start our projects in other parts also as we have some good known friends already working with Health Club.

As per our plan I started my journey from Chennai early in the morning by 6:00AM & Udhaya & Pankaj started their journey by 6:30AM from Banglore on bike.

We all reached VIT almost near by 10:00AM, as soon we reached there after taking coffee , We directly went to meet Mr. Krishana Kumar(VIT Alumni officer). As we are interacting first time with him, We explained him about IS and our plan about organizing career guidance program with the help of VITAA. After long discussion we shorted out so many plans like we can collaborate with VITAA as they have chapters in many cities so with the help of IS, VITAA members may
start new activities in different -different cities.

The best thing admired by management is that the working methodology & transparency maintained by IS.

Finally in this meeting we decided to organize a career guidance program in any of the VIT auditorium & VIT students will help us in inviting & bringing near by Govt school students to VIT or VITAA can organize a small career guidance
program in any near by school with the help of IS.

After this we met one more VIT alumni Archana S, as she is belonging to Vellore only and very much interested to start new activities near by vellore. They are in process to start NGO activities under VITAA.

Soon after this we move to one orphanage "Karunalaya". Udhaya interacted with children’s & asked about their future plans & all. The response of students is really great as Compare to my interaction with many students of some Govt.
School students in Rajasthan.

After this we discussed our plan with Mr. Paul raj sir & Kasturi Mam,( taking care of these students) to help us in providing local details and helping in communicating with School staffs to bringing students to VIT. We also discussed
with him about future plan like on weekends VIT students willing to go for any career guidance programs in near by Schools, then they also need your help for better communication & all and sir promised to support as per availability.

Soon after this we interacted with Archana’s Father, as he is working in Vellore CEO’s (Chief education officers) office and he provided us a very good details of near by schools. Even he provided us a hard copy of all near by & deserving
schools. He also promised us to provide all possible support from office of CEO.

Really this interaction shorted out many problems. We are very much thank-full to Archana & her father.

After this we returned back to VIT and we had our lunch.

Here we interacted with some of our Health Club & NSS friends. In our interaction with one of the NSS organizer, we got a great news that like every year, this time VIT NSS volunteers also going for a 10days long NSS camp in more
then 20 villages. During this camp they have a separate team for Govt. School’s Higher education program for providing some basic details about future options. After overall discussion we decided to provide them IS CG material so NSS
volunteers can execute career guidance program with their own volunteers. In this regard Udhaya already communicating with NSS organizer Mr. Manish Kumar.

According to our plan after this at 4:30PM we have a meeting scheduled with Sandhya(Executive Director of VIT).
In this Rahul Rawat, Swati Gunjan, Ramakrishana, kunal(Health Club member), Archana(VIT Aluni) also joined us. This meeting was really a brain storming discussion on issues like quality of the program, benefits of organizing this in VIT as VIT already doing such type of activities? What are the other possible ways to execute this type of programs in other parts also. How VIT & IS will work together to bring more changes & many more. Its really a great talk on all

After one an hour long meet we decided to move forward with discussing same with VITAA chairman & other officials.

In last phase we met our juniors(Health club & YRC members) and explained them abut IS & IS projects , how they can support us to achieve our ultimate goal.

After overall discussion & various phases of meetings we had a small snacks party with juniors.

Overall its really a very good and satisfactorily Visit to our own institute & nice interaction with many people. In near future we are planning to involve more & more interested volunteer in our organisation so we can make it more effective and we can start our projects in other states also. As VIT has students from all over India. Its really great advantage for us to reach maximum people.

This is our step towards this journey. Hoping for the best to achieve our common mission.

Finally I returned back to Chennai by 12:15AM, Udhaya & Pankaj returned to Banglore by 12:30AM.

Further communication in this process is going on.

Thanks to all for joining us.

Thanks & Regards
Rajveer Singh



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