Madhya Pradesh Satna Visit report & Education Requirement (Need)

Dear Friends,

0. Photo :

1. I have visited to Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh on 29&30/Jan/2011 and visited to our existing Learning Center and 6 villages for review and gather the education requirement.

2. Anindita Puri and two more people running small Ramakrishna Ashram (Sarada Charitable Trust), which carrying out philanthropic work amongst the poor and the needy. 1.Education 2.Employment Generation 3.Medical. This ashram located at Bardah Deh Chowk, Mukhtiyargunj, Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh. They adopted 5 villages(mostly tribal community & small fishing community) in this area and working with village people daily bases. 1. They already setup Self Help Group(SHG), through that they are running small business like food packing, agarbatthy production, candle production and started small dairy. 2. Working with local people to get ration card, voter id card, open bank account, register SHG, etc 3. Started one learning center through IS and running in one village(Purania), currently planning to extend for all 5 villages. 4. Started medical activity with help of one of the private hospital.

3.EXISITNG INDIA SUDAR PROJECT at this place: India Sudar started our education project from Apr’09 with commitment of taking care of complete education for this center, This project was initiated and co-ordinate by our member Ravi Dhanwani(410). We initially provided some education material and deployed our teacher in this Learning Center. Currently India Sudar having 3 teachers in this center and planning to take care of complete education. Currently 1st to 9th standards students studying in this center.

4. ABSORVATION: I have visited to following six villages, school and our center. 1. Siddhauli village 2. Malhantola 3. Khagora 4. Chakdahi 5. bhagdou 6. Pwranya.

4.1 Most of this village will come under tribal community & they are working as daily labors only. They don’t have any land, so they work as agri labor also. Every village having at lest 700+ homes & some village having 1500+ houses.

4.2 They are doing agriculture twice the year based on rain water only. They can’t do much through agriculture with motors, because government committed to provide 8 hrs per power for 6 days, 4 hrs for Sunday. But still local people telling, they wont get this 8hr power per day. So they cant do any agriculture based on motors and they should do it based on rain water only.

4.3 There is the government school, as per register they said they have 155 students, but not even 60 students in the school. Teachers & students ratio 50:1.

4.4 This village, top most education will be 8th or 9th standard. Parents don’t have much awareness and provide important for education. So most of this kids going to school for mid day meal only. Most of this school student having text book only. Don’t have much education stationary.

4.5 One of the government school teacher complaining about other teachers in the school. He said other teachers not coming to school. even if they come, they are not teaching anything.

4.6 In Satna, there is government college and engineer college also. If really somebody supports, this village students can go to this college.

4.7 Some of the women producing agarbatthy and make income for there home. But still they need to find the market for this products. They are looking for help. Anybody can support this.

4.8 We often think, they are all very poor village people and struggling to live. But truth will be, they are living very happily and leading good life. We compare city with village & endup with issue.

5. REQUIREMENT (Need your support)

5.1 Three Black Board required for Purania Learning Center.

5.2 Two English Dictionary & Grammar book.

5.3 All the center students requested Drawing material (color Pencil and chart).

5.4 Most of the center student requested Sports material.

5.5 One student want one bicycle, he need to go to higher secondary school from this village.

5.6 We need to provide complete education material for 5 village government school students.

5.7 We need to provide awareness program fro parents (we will take care of this)

5.8 All the students requested English training (We will take care of this using some other teachers)

Our Sincere thanks to Anindita Puri & Sarojini, Who spend there time and helped me to gather all this detail.

Udhaya Kumar.V
India Sudar – Send email to admin for any information – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
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  1. my name is basant kumar sonkar.i live in satna(m.p.).i have been taught by anandita madam.she is very dedicated person.every time i have found her very active in her work.she has a lot of knowledge.her every thought is full of knowledge.i think that i am a very lucky person who have been taught by anandita madam.sometimes she behaves like my family members and also give me some work.but i feel very glad to do those works.i think that she is a great person who has been sent by god to help people.

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