India Sudar 2010 – Leadership & Volunteer Excellence Award

Dear Friends,

We know that every small contribution from our members towards our vision, it matters. But we decided we should acknowledge some of our members for there sustainable yearly contribution towards our vision. Based on this process India Sudar chief nominated people under two categories and finalized the award winners for 2010. I am taking this opportunity to announce following award winners under two categories. My Sincere thanks to all, behalf India Sudar. Yes off course long way to Go together !!

India Sudar – Leadership Excellence Award 2010

1. Balamanikandan.K

2. Karthikeyan.M

3. Mohan Raj.K

4. Rajveer Singh

5. Ravi Kumar.K

6. Vinod S Murgod

7. Sivanarayanan P

India Sudar – Volunteer Excellence Award 2010 (Project initiation, Project co-ordination, Fund raising, IT Support, promotion and branding)

1. Arumuga Perumal

2. Balasarasuwathi V

3. Baskar.K.N

4. Dheenadayalan.S

5. Ganapathy Subramanian.K

6. Prashanth L A

7. Priyanka Rao

8. Radhakrishnan.R

9. Radhe Shyam Vaishnav

10. Raghavendra Prasad A R

11. Rajamadasamy.M

12. Ramaseshan.S

13. Ramkumar.P

14. Sangeetha.B

15. Santhosh L.A

16. Senthil Nathan

17. Suresh.R

18. Thejaswini.A.R

19. Udayakumar Kadirvel

Note: India Sudar Award will be given in any of the future India Sudar program (or) Hand it over directly in there home (or) Posted through Postal.

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India Sudar Proj Report: TN College fee Hemalatha.G,B.Sc Physics Namakkal Dt

dear all,

By considering the family background and the student’s future, we decided to support this student.

Indiasudar has sent the cheque Rs.5000 (for college fee) to Hemalatha.G to pursue her B.Sc Physics course.

Please find the attached report.

Our thanks to our member Preetham Kukillaya for his support to Hemalatha’s education.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs.Akila John and Mrs.Shanmukavadivu for their coordination.

Family background:

Father: Age 54 , sweeper & cleaner – Govt Hr.Sec School,Senthamangalam,Namakkal Dt Salary per month: Rs.1500

Mother: Housewife-Patient (Recently admitted in hospital).

Own House and No other property and no other source of income.

Student Name: G.Hemalatha , B.Sc Physics – First year 62%
Selvam College of arts and science,Namakkal Dt.

Fee Per Year: 15000 Rs (Bus fee +exam fee+ college fee).

Parents contribution: 7000 Rs.
Scholar ship : 3000 Rs (not yet received)
From Indiasudar: 5000 Rs.


Project Report – Guidance program for 10th std students appearing for exams at Govt. High School Alkapura, Chickaballapur 1 Attachment

Hello friends,

Please find below the particulars of the Guidance program for 10th std students appearing for exams at Govt. High School Alkapura, Chickaballapur conducted by KA-IS team members.

Date: 19th Feb, 2011
School visited: Government High School, Alkapura.
Members Involved: Raghavendra, Raghu, Ram, Tejaswini, Bhargav, Mahesh, Udhaya Kumar V, Anand, Priyanka.
Duration of the Event: 10:30am – 01:30pm
Number of Students participated: 200+
Number of Teachers participated: 30

Introduction about Professor Subbanna: After a successful career in NCERT and education departments, he has taken up the noble cause of guiding rural kids on the career opportunities available. He has also authored several books on career guidance and on cracking the state, CBSE and ICSE exams. He has conducted several workshops in Govt. schools towards this cause.

Sequence of Events:

200+ Students from 2 different schools all belonging to 10th std were assembled in a class room. Enthusiasm was clearly evident on both – teachers as well as students faces.

In the first session(10:30am – 11:30am), Prof Subbanna addressed all the students and gave them tips as how to crack the 10std examinations.
He familiarized the students to different kind of questions they can expect during the exams and how to go about answering them. Prof gave them valuable guidance about the different things they have to keep in mind while answering the questions.

During this session Prof. Subbanna addressed Kannada, English and Hindi subjects.

In the second session(12.00am – 1:00pm), Prof. Subbanna addressed the remaining subjects – Maths, Science and Social Science.
Prof. Subbanna through his expertise and familiarity with the subjects, motivated the students and by the end of the session there was a definite change in the confidence level of the students. Pamphlets containing information about different Careers prospects after 10th std and details about the 10th std examinations was distributed to all the students present.
Both the sessions were highly interactive and students cleared the doubts they had.

As the second session was in progress, few India Sudar members were addressing around 25 teachers from different schools. This was a session aimed at understanding the stationary needs of different schools for every particular grade. This was particularly very interactive thus helping us, India Sudar, to understand and evaluate the changes the schools have undergone after receiving support from India Sudar.

After the sessions were over, all the subjects books including the sample questions and answers were handed over to Sri Sheshadri– the Headmaster of Chikkakurugodu. These books will be distributed to the teachers of 10 different Govt. high schools to help them in preparing the students for the exams.

Apart from the question bank for each subject, there were few books from our partner organization “Vidyaposhak”. It includes Integrated Science and Technology and related workbooks in English medium. These books were handed over to Sri Ramachandraiah HM of Gedire Govt. High school to distribute to different Govt. high schools in chickaballapur district. Thanks to Narendran, from “Vidyaposhak” for donating these books.

By this time, all of us was very hungry and we treated ourselves to the very tasty food prepared in the school. After lunch, under the cool shade of the tree we all had a general discussion about how to improve the teaching process and in what way India Sudar can contribute more.
Prof Subbanna deserves a special mention for his enthusiasm,passion and his motivation even at the age of 83.

This was followed by a small photo session, the photos of which and the above mentioned events can be found at

Please find attached the project report which contains the particulars about the entire project.

The event was successful and the India Sudar’s members efforts in making the event successful was highly appreciated.

India Sudar thanks G C Ramachandraiah – Headmaster of Gedire, Seshadri – Headmaster of Chikkakurugodu, and again the Volunteers involved for taking special interest in making this event successful.




Rajasthan My visit of IS Bhimaliya Center Raj

I visited IS Learning Center Bhimaliya, There students are very happy, they came to our center, and I got Exam of them, I have sumbit in sheet, There are everything are good, they parents are supporting to their child.

But I will have need some NOTE book for Students.

For students

90 Notebooks,


Copy of Copy of India Sudar Learning Center Set up Process V1.0.xls

India Sudar Request: Partial Financial support-college fee-Hemalatha,Namakkal

dear all,

Mrs.Akila John (Teacher,Govt Hr.Sec School,Senthamangalam,Namakkal Dt) requested our action board member Mrs.Shanmuka vadivu to help one student through Indiasudar.

Teacher verified the students’ background and I too discussed with the teacher , student and students’ parents,

Family background:

Father: Age 54 , sweeper & cleaner – Govt Hr.Sec School,Senthamangalam,Namakkal Dt Salary per month: Rs.1500

Mother: Housewife-Patient (Recently admitted in hospital).

Own House and No other property and no other source of income.

Student Name: G.Hemalatha , B.Sc Physics – First year 62%
Selvam College of arts and science,Namakkal Dt.

Fee Per Year: 15000 Rs (Bus fee +exam fee+ college fee).

Parents contribution: 7000 Rs.
Scholar ship : 3000 Rs (not yet received)
From Indiasudar: 5000 Rs.

By considering Family back ground, we can support this student. If anyone is interested, please contribute.

Tamil Nadu VIT University, Vellore(TN) VISIT Report.

Hi Friends,

On last Saturday (12th Feb,2011) Myself , Mr. Udhaya & Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jha visited VIT University, Vellore .

My self & Pankaj both are alumni of VIT and along with our few passionate friends during our college time we started a social welfare group( in VIT itself to contribute something towards society. VIT one of the leading institute of India, always supporting its students for contributing towards society. VITAA(VIT alumni association)
also planning to start some new activities in different cities. In this regards Myself. Udhaya & Pankaj decided to Visit VIT to meet VIT management, VITAA memers & our old friends.

Our main purpose of this Visit is to organize a career guidance program for Govt. School students of near by VIT & Vellore. As VIT has very good infrastructure & lots off students(more then 16,000) , from all over India, even from each state of India.

Hence the main objective of organizing this career guidance program is that we can call maximum students in VIT & we can also invite VIT students to attend this program so they can get an idea and in future they can execute this from
their own. Whenever & wherever possible. Same time we are also planning to bring more volunteers to India Sudar so we can start our projects in other parts also as we have some good known friends already working with Health Club.

As per our plan I started my journey from Chennai early in the morning by 6:00AM & Udhaya & Pankaj started their journey by 6:30AM from Banglore on bike.

We all reached VIT almost near by 10:00AM, as soon we reached there after taking coffee , We directly went to meet Mr. Krishana Kumar(VIT Alumni officer). As we are interacting first time with him, We explained him about IS and our plan about organizing career guidance program with the help of VITAA. After long discussion we shorted out so many plans like we can collaborate with VITAA as they have chapters in many cities so with the help of IS, VITAA members may
start new activities in different -different cities.

The best thing admired by management is that the working methodology & transparency maintained by IS.

Finally in this meeting we decided to organize a career guidance program in any of the VIT auditorium & VIT students will help us in inviting & bringing near by Govt school students to VIT or VITAA can organize a small career guidance
program in any near by school with the help of IS.

After this we met one more VIT alumni Archana S, as she is belonging to Vellore only and very much interested to start new activities near by vellore. They are in process to start NGO activities under VITAA.

Soon after this we move to one orphanage "Karunalaya". Udhaya interacted with children’s & asked about their future plans & all. The response of students is really great as Compare to my interaction with many students of some Govt.
School students in Rajasthan.

After this we discussed our plan with Mr. Paul raj sir & Kasturi Mam,( taking care of these students) to help us in providing local details and helping in communicating with School staffs to bringing students to VIT. We also discussed
with him about future plan like on weekends VIT students willing to go for any career guidance programs in near by Schools, then they also need your help for better communication & all and sir promised to support as per availability.

Soon after this we interacted with Archana’s Father, as he is working in Vellore CEO’s (Chief education officers) office and he provided us a very good details of near by schools. Even he provided us a hard copy of all near by & deserving
schools. He also promised us to provide all possible support from office of CEO.

Really this interaction shorted out many problems. We are very much thank-full to Archana & her father.

After this we returned back to VIT and we had our lunch.

Here we interacted with some of our Health Club & NSS friends. In our interaction with one of the NSS organizer, we got a great news that like every year, this time VIT NSS volunteers also going for a 10days long NSS camp in more
then 20 villages. During this camp they have a separate team for Govt. School’s Higher education program for providing some basic details about future options. After overall discussion we decided to provide them IS CG material so NSS
volunteers can execute career guidance program with their own volunteers. In this regard Udhaya already communicating with NSS organizer Mr. Manish Kumar.

According to our plan after this at 4:30PM we have a meeting scheduled with Sandhya(Executive Director of VIT).
In this Rahul Rawat, Swati Gunjan, Ramakrishana, kunal(Health Club member), Archana(VIT Aluni) also joined us. This meeting was really a brain storming discussion on issues like quality of the program, benefits of organizing this in VIT as VIT already doing such type of activities? What are the other possible ways to execute this type of programs in other parts also. How VIT & IS will work together to bring more changes & many more. Its really a great talk on all

After one an hour long meet we decided to move forward with discussing same with VITAA chairman & other officials.

In last phase we met our juniors(Health club & YRC members) and explained them abut IS & IS projects , how they can support us to achieve our ultimate goal.

After overall discussion & various phases of meetings we had a small snacks party with juniors.

Overall its really a very good and satisfactorily Visit to our own institute & nice interaction with many people. In near future we are planning to involve more & more interested volunteer in our organisation so we can make it more effective and we can start our projects in other states also. As VIT has students from all over India. Its really great advantage for us to reach maximum people.

This is our step towards this journey. Hoping for the best to achieve our common mission.

Finally I returned back to Chennai by 12:15AM, Udhaya & Pankaj returned to Banglore by 12:30AM.

Further communication in this process is going on.

Thanks to all for joining us.

Thanks & Regards
Rajveer Singh


India Sudar Karnataka – Career Guidance Program

Hi All,

We kicked off Career Guidance in Karnataka at National High School, Gauribidanur, Dodaballapur on February 5th. There were about 200 students of class 10th and 25 teachers from various schools from surrounding villages.

In the beginning we had interaction session with students in understanding their requirements. Students and teachers showed lot of interest. Since it was the first CG program we had lot of learnings, which we are incorporating and addressing them in coming sessions.

We provided India Sudar Career Guidance booklets (Kannada version) print outs to all the teachers, so that they can guide and help students in giving complete information about various options available.

We would like to thank Mr. Sheshadri Sir at National School, who organized and coordinated to make this event a grand success.

Sincere Thanks to all the volunteers who made it to the event.

Thanks & Regards,

Anand P H

Madhya Pradesh Satna Visit report & Education Requirement (Need)

Dear Friends,

0. Photo :

1. I have visited to Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh on 29&30/Jan/2011 and visited to our existing Learning Center and 6 villages for review and gather the education requirement.

2. Anindita Puri and two more people running small Ramakrishna Ashram (Sarada Charitable Trust), which carrying out philanthropic work amongst the poor and the needy. 1.Education 2.Employment Generation 3.Medical. This ashram located at Bardah Deh Chowk, Mukhtiyargunj, Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh. They adopted 5 villages(mostly tribal community & small fishing community) in this area and working with village people daily bases. 1. They already setup Self Help Group(SHG), through that they are running small business like food packing, agarbatthy production, candle production and started small dairy. 2. Working with local people to get ration card, voter id card, open bank account, register SHG, etc 3. Started one learning center through IS and running in one village(Purania), currently planning to extend for all 5 villages. 4. Started medical activity with help of one of the private hospital.

3.EXISITNG INDIA SUDAR PROJECT at this place: India Sudar started our education project from Apr’09 with commitment of taking care of complete education for this center, This project was initiated and co-ordinate by our member Ravi Dhanwani(410). We initially provided some education material and deployed our teacher in this Learning Center. Currently India Sudar having 3 teachers in this center and planning to take care of complete education. Currently 1st to 9th standards students studying in this center.

4. ABSORVATION: I have visited to following six villages, school and our center. 1. Siddhauli village 2. Malhantola 3. Khagora 4. Chakdahi 5. bhagdou 6. Pwranya.

4.1 Most of this village will come under tribal community & they are working as daily labors only. They don’t have any land, so they work as agri labor also. Every village having at lest 700+ homes & some village having 1500+ houses.

4.2 They are doing agriculture twice the year based on rain water only. They can’t do much through agriculture with motors, because government committed to provide 8 hrs per power for 6 days, 4 hrs for Sunday. But still local people telling, they wont get this 8hr power per day. So they cant do any agriculture based on motors and they should do it based on rain water only.

4.3 There is the government school, as per register they said they have 155 students, but not even 60 students in the school. Teachers & students ratio 50:1.

4.4 This village, top most education will be 8th or 9th standard. Parents don’t have much awareness and provide important for education. So most of this kids going to school for mid day meal only. Most of this school student having text book only. Don’t have much education stationary.

4.5 One of the government school teacher complaining about other teachers in the school. He said other teachers not coming to school. even if they come, they are not teaching anything.

4.6 In Satna, there is government college and engineer college also. If really somebody supports, this village students can go to this college.

4.7 Some of the women producing agarbatthy and make income for there home. But still they need to find the market for this products. They are looking for help. Anybody can support this.

4.8 We often think, they are all very poor village people and struggling to live. But truth will be, they are living very happily and leading good life. We compare city with village & endup with issue.

5. REQUIREMENT (Need your support)

5.1 Three Black Board required for Purania Learning Center.

5.2 Two English Dictionary & Grammar book.

5.3 All the center students requested Drawing material (color Pencil and chart).

5.4 Most of the center student requested Sports material.

5.5 One student want one bicycle, he need to go to higher secondary school from this village.

5.6 We need to provide complete education material for 5 village government school students.

5.7 We need to provide awareness program fro parents (we will take care of this)

5.8 All the students requested English training (We will take care of this using some other teachers)

Our Sincere thanks to Anindita Puri & Sarojini, Who spend there time and helped me to gather all this detail.

Udhaya Kumar.V
India Sudar – Send email to admin for any information – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
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India Sudar Andhrapradesh Details of org/students..who need help from IS team.

Hi All,

Attached document is the details of a organization running under Mr.Ranga rao family, relatives and friends. This organization is running from last 5-6 years.
Now Mr. Ranga rao seeks help from IS team for further improvement.

Please go through it and let me know if you need any other information.


Naresh Lakhawath


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