indiasudar-rj Report of recent meeting at suratgarh with partner organisation SWC.

Hi Friends,

During my last visit to Rajasthan, as per my discussion with our partner
organisation in Suratgarh(SWC-Suratgarh welfare community). We conducted our 1st
meeting on 25th Dec,10 to prepare our road-map and how to start activities with
India Sudar. In this major problem is that we all are working outside Rajastahan
and we are not able to visit frequently.

In this process we thought about any alternative option so we can get some local
members. In this we took a decision to start career guidance through Phone, mail
or if possible in-person. Regarding this we decided to give advertisement in
local news paper and in this we provide our contact numbers, mail ID so
interested students and parents may contact us.

Soon we are planning to start a multi-purpose Learning center, where we have to
appoint some good teacher and we can also call others on time to time. As per
our plan in this center, we are planning to provide all type of facilities like
time to time coaching for various competitive exams,time based evening classes
for poor and needy students. Once in a month we are planning to call some one
from outside(like any officer, education-list, our friends from various fields )
so they can motivate to them.

In starting we need some good budget to make arrangements for basic facilities.
So if any one interested and willing to contribute for this. Mail to Indiasudar
admin or mail me so we can proceed further. After all still it need someone, who
can manage this. Rigth now I’m in chennai and other two person also in ahemdabad
and banglore.
Anyway we are looking forward for better solution.

Please provide ur ideas and feedback for same.

Thanks & Regards
Rajveer Singh

indiasudar-rj Visit report of India Sudar Ongoing project at Suratgarh.

Hi Friends,

Last month,In December I made a visit to Rajasthan (near Suratgarh ) to review
our ongoing projects. I was able to Visit only 8-SHPD .

Initially I planned to conduct a small career guidance program but due to some
other camp in same school, It was cancelled.

I reviewed the status of our ongoing project . I personally interacted
with student and taken feedback about teacher and the impact of our initiative.
Feedback about teacher from students is really good and even they all are saying

Ms. Rajni (India Sudar)teaching really very well. Other staff members
also appreciated the dedication of respective teacher.

Even I also conducted a small test for 6th & 7th standard student. Progress
report I’ll send you all soon. Yes, off-course everyone is appreciating our
effort but still i’m not satisfied with the impact of effort. Main thing is that

still people are not awaken., student don’t know what they have to study and
why. I personally interacted with students and asked about their dreams and
future plans? What they became want to achieve after studying? They don’t have
much in their mind.

So regarding all these we need more dedicated effort. Even many Govt. teachers
also not taking interest.

During this I also meet to Mr. Krishan Lal( India Sudar suported student).
His study is going well and he is also preparing for RPSC exam for recruitment
of Govt teacher. During this he is also doing very good work. He is taking class

of 10th standard student of same school in free of cost.

On same day I also meet to BEO (Block education officer), as he is on tour for
this school. I talked to Sir and explained about our organisation and discussed
about the some ground problems we are facing to start our project in some
school.He also appreciated the work done by India Sudar and promised to provide
full official support. This is really a good for us, as I taken official
permission from sir for starting and visiting any school in this

Overall, the outcome of Visit is really Good. But still we need more actions and

some local volunteers to monitor our activities.

I discussed with some friends and teachers. Some are willing to work but they
need some one who can lead them. I’m looking forward for same to bring out any

Please give ur feedback and provide ur ideas, how we can achieve our goal in
this area.

Rajveer Singh

India Sudar Published in Eenadu News Paper

Dear All,

Hope every one doing good.

Taking opportunity to tell you that on Saturday (08/Jan/2011), our trust IndiaSudar published in Eenadu daily newspaper of Andhra pradesh.

Please find the link

Briefly telling about the points described in News Paper

  • How India Sudar started
  • About Members
  • How many students benefitted
  • Way of executing the project
  • How funds coming to execute the projects
  • How many states India Sudar activities going on.

Note : we got very huge response from the people after reading this article and so many interested to join as volunteers.

Thanks & Regards,


TN Motorcycle Mechanic Training Project – Inauguration on 1st Jan 2011 for Govt Special Home Students (Juvenile School)

Dear Friends,

1. We are going to start Motorcycle Mechanic Training project from 1st Jan 2011 at Govt Special Home for Boys, Taluk Office Compound, Chengalpettu, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu – 603002 for juvenile students. This will be 12 months course and 4 hrs per day.

Home History:

2. Initially 6 students will attend this training program for next 12 months. These student selected based on there education background. This students not going under any regular education and they are not able to continue there education from this Home (Most of them dropouts).

3. Student list was prepared by Classification Committee (member will be – Superintendent, Medical officer,Psychologist,Probation officer,District Juvenile Justice Advisary committee member ,NGOs,Headmaster,Senior teacher,Assistant Superintendent ,Public Works Department Govt.of Tamil Nadu)

Student List:

1.Vignesh (Age17)

2.Salim (Age 16)

3.Moorthy (Age 16)

4.Ajith Kumar (Age 15)

5.Murugesh (Age 14)

6.Shankar (Age 14)

Teacher Name: E.Moorthy

4. Benefits: After completion of this training, We will provide took kit based on request. After get release from this home, This students can go out and start there own Mechanic shop or they can work in any existing shops. This will make there life economically self sustainable.

5. Fund Owner: This project completely funded by Our partner Organization Malar Trust Onlus, Italy. Overall this project cost will be Rs.1,01,000 for one year.

Rs.20,000 – Purchase two old motorcycles for training program.

Rs.9,000 – Purchase tools for Training.

Rs.72,000 – Teacher Monthly Salary, Rs.6,000 (Per month Salary for 12 months).

6. Refer attached project proposal.

Our SINCERE THANKS to Malar Trust Onlus, Italy and Leaders Mr. fulvio, Giovanni, and actisl, Who visited to this home and funded for this complete project.

Our SINCERE THANKS to Mr. Mr.Dhanasekara Pandian, Superintendent Governement Special Home, Who designed this program for this students.

Our SINCERE THANKS to Mr.Karthik Mani, IS TN Lead, Who Coordinating this project.

Udhaya Kumar.V

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IS Proposal _ Two wheeler Mechanics_ for_ Govt Special Home_Chengalpettu.doc

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