India Sudar TN Project Review: Pandiselvi’s 3rd sem marks-Rajapalayam

Please find below is the marks obtained by Ms Pandiselvi in her 3rd semester and she got 76.8% inher major subject (except Tally all are her major subject)

This is for your kind information


NB I will send the mark sheet xerox copy as soon as she got from the college.

Name PANDISELVI R Centre Code 320
Subject Code Internal External Grade Status
CCA8A31 Business Statistics 24 42 A+ P
CCA8C31 Database Mgmt system 17 51 A+ P
CCA8C32 Financial accounting 25 50 D P
CCA8C33 Cost Acct 22 53 D P
CCA8C3P Dbase lab 40 60 O+ P
CCA8S31 Tally 22 40 A P

Family Background:

Father – Heart patient
Mother: textile coolie labor – taking care of family and pandiselvi’s fee (partial amount)
+2 marks: 1048/ 1200.
Address: 344, South Vaithiyanathapuram Street , Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar district– 626 117

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