indiasudar-rj Visit report of India Sudar Ongoing project at Suratgarh.

Hi Friends,

Last month,In December I made a visit to Rajasthan (near Suratgarh ) to review
our ongoing projects. I was able to Visit only 8-SHPD .

Initially I planned to conduct a small career guidance program but due to some
other camp in same school, It was cancelled.

I reviewed the status of our ongoing project . I personally interacted
with student and taken feedback about teacher and the impact of our initiative.
Feedback about teacher from students is really good and even they all are saying

Ms. Rajni (India Sudar)teaching really very well. Other staff members
also appreciated the dedication of respective teacher.

Even I also conducted a small test for 6th & 7th standard student. Progress
report I’ll send you all soon. Yes, off-course everyone is appreciating our
effort but still i’m not satisfied with the impact of effort. Main thing is that

still people are not awaken., student don’t know what they have to study and
why. I personally interacted with students and asked about their dreams and
future plans? What they became want to achieve after studying? They don’t have
much in their mind.

So regarding all these we need more dedicated effort. Even many Govt. teachers
also not taking interest.

During this I also meet to Mr. Krishan Lal( India Sudar suported student).
His study is going well and he is also preparing for RPSC exam for recruitment
of Govt teacher. During this he is also doing very good work. He is taking class

of 10th standard student of same school in free of cost.

On same day I also meet to BEO (Block education officer), as he is on tour for
this school. I talked to Sir and explained about our organisation and discussed
about the some ground problems we are facing to start our project in some
school.He also appreciated the work done by India Sudar and promised to provide
full official support. This is really a good for us, as I taken official
permission from sir for starting and visiting any school in this

Overall, the outcome of Visit is really Good. But still we need more actions and

some local volunteers to monitor our activities.

I discussed with some friends and teachers. Some are willing to work but they
need some one who can lead them. I’m looking forward for same to bring out any

Please give ur feedback and provide ur ideas, how we can achieve our goal in
this area.

Rajveer Singh


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