indiasudar-rj Report of recent meeting at suratgarh with partner organisation SWC.

Hi Friends,

During my last visit to Rajasthan, as per my discussion with our partner
organisation in Suratgarh(SWC-Suratgarh welfare community). We conducted our 1st
meeting on 25th Dec,10 to prepare our road-map and how to start activities with
India Sudar. In this major problem is that we all are working outside Rajastahan
and we are not able to visit frequently.

In this process we thought about any alternative option so we can get some local
members. In this we took a decision to start career guidance through Phone, mail
or if possible in-person. Regarding this we decided to give advertisement in
local news paper and in this we provide our contact numbers, mail ID so
interested students and parents may contact us.

Soon we are planning to start a multi-purpose Learning center, where we have to
appoint some good teacher and we can also call others on time to time. As per
our plan in this center, we are planning to provide all type of facilities like
time to time coaching for various competitive exams,time based evening classes
for poor and needy students. Once in a month we are planning to call some one
from outside(like any officer, education-list, our friends from various fields )
so they can motivate to them.

In starting we need some good budget to make arrangements for basic facilities.
So if any one interested and willing to contribute for this. Mail to Indiasudar
admin or mail me so we can proceed further. After all still it need someone, who
can manage this. Rigth now I’m in chennai and other two person also in ahemdabad
and banglore.
Anyway we are looking forward for better solution.

Please provide ur ideas and feedback for same.

Thanks & Regards
Rajveer Singh


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