India Sudar Tamil Nadu Visit report of Thiagam…

Hi Folks,

Myself & my brother visited Thiagam, Madurai (, onsite code: OTN18). A small brief abt the org…

Ms. Amuthashanthi (differently abled) is running the centre, at 10 different locations in the outskirts of Madurai. They are teaching good qualities to the students, apart from school works.

When I visited, they have started their 2nd library @ a village, near Madurai. They have started with nearly 100 books. I spoke with the children and realized how well Amuthashanthi grp’s effort brought out the result. Really amazing. Their behaviours, exposures are on par with town students. Kudos to the team.

After the library inauguration, we had a chat with the teachers appointed by Indiasudar. They expressed mostly positive outcome from the centres. And, one or two problematic things also have been addressed. Like, they usually conduct inter village meeting.. ie: any teacher can visit other centre and can assess the centre by interacting with the students there then can resolve the issues, if any.

For library project too, they have one opinion notebook, apart from regular statistics. This suggestion book is entirely for students. They can give their opinions abt the book they read and can give comments abt what type of books they need, etc. Such a gud system.

Overall, the activities were highly satisfactory.

I will update the fotos soon.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.


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