Rajasthan The 1st test at India sudar Bhimaliya Learning Center, Raj

Dear all,

I went to Bhimaliya at our India Sudar learning Center, I bought the 2 mat and 1 Chair for the Center or students. I got the exam of the our center students, Really there are some students are good but some very poor in education, I found out after checking the exam copies.


I will share photo with you all, i will got from memory cards,

Teacher Report :

She started teaching to children from July 2010 and until 22 Aug 2010< she did good work for very weak and poor student. They don’t know. She told me that I am teaching to them with my good work. I gave some directions to her for develop students education goal and better study. she will do good more work for students.

About the Family and students _ There are coming everyday the students for teaching to our center. I consult to many families about the Education of their child. They are VERY HAPPY TO OUR INDIA SUDAR LEARNING CENTER. I did discuss about the "how can we do more develop’ you child education. They all depent all Agriculture. they are very happy to our center.

Dress Code_ I discuss with poor families and students and our Teacher. There are really need of Dress for our India sudar Student. They said to Me "Sir When will give you dress and shoes to us" marwari – सर थे म्‍हानै ड्रेस व बूट कदै देवैला" I said to themj, Dear boys I will tell to our Center chief and He will provide the all things to you.

I am sending you marks of students,

radhe vaishnav

Lead RAJ,
India Sudar Member


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