India Sudar India Sudar Career Guidance Program Report – Madurai


India Sudar Conducted the Career Guidance program for Govt Schools madurai on 28-Aug-2010. We have conducted the following program as part of the Career Guidance books distribution.

1. How to prepare for the exam (Krishnan Rtd Teacher T.V.S Lakshmi School, Madurai)
2. Career Guidance Speech (Udhay)
3. Motivational Speech (SureshKumar)
4. Career Guidance Books Distribution

We have distributed the Career Guidance books the following schools.

1. Govt Higher Sec School, Samayanallur, Madurai
Total No of students : 700

2. Ponmudiyar Corporation Higher Sec School, Madurai
Total No of students : 300

India Sudar Team Members:
1. Udhaya Kumar
2. Karthikeyan
3. Uma Rani (Hope Trust)
4. Suresh Kumar (Jayam Trust)
5. Arun Gopalan
6. Krishnan
7. Sivaraman
8. Manikandan (Indian Express)

Special Thanks :

1) I would like to thank UmaRani(Hope Trust) to provide this opportunities to conduct the program in Madurai. Without UmaRani we cannot able to achieve the program big success in Madurai. We thought of planning to conduct this kind program in and around Madurai rural area. Once again i thank you UmaRani for making this program big success.

2) I would like to thank Manikandan (Indian Express). He come forward to publish the career program in Madurai Indian Express Paper. He also sent his volunteer to help us in career guidance program. (Article attached)

Photos :

Attachment :
1) Project Report – Govt School, Samayanallur
2) Project Report – Ponmudiyar School
3) India Sudar article in Indian Express

Once again I thank you all for make the program big success.





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