Tamil Nadu Event report – Govt Hr,Sec,School, Komarapalayam,Namakkal district.

Dear all,

Again we made a wonderful day on last Saturday (24-07-2010). This school is completely an outskirt of the district.

About the school

School is located 50 KMs from namakkal. Most of the students are from poor financial back ground.

Mayilsamy.K and myself from India sudar had participated in this trip in addition to the 6 employees from Cognizant corporate, Coimbatore.

The list of activities were done in the trip are as follows.

Please don’t forget to see the photos….

Url: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/KomarapalayamKarur

Distribution of English vocabulary booklet

Booklets prepared by Indiasudar were given to the students from 8th to 12th std followed by the one hour speech about various topics like how to improve Communication skills, self disciplines and all.

Career guidance program

Career guidance awareness program was conducted for 10th and 12th std students followed by presentation of a small child labour ppt and India sudar video (Government school students’ achievements). We distributed Indiasudar Career Guidance Booklets.

The whole school visit was pretty nice and surely brings many changes to many underprivileged students.

Thanks note: It’s time to thank Sargunan for sending career guidance books, Cognizant Outreach had arranged a cab for the visit and all the people who supported this program to end with success.

Our sincere thanks to all of Indiasudar Members and CTS volunteers.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore.
India sudar AB member

"Socialist by heart, Capitalist by mind"


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