Rajasthan Update Goverment School Visit report from Dist- Shriganganagar, Rajasthan

But from last 3-4 days i visited 2-3 villages and observed there condition.

1. Today(13-07-2010 village school report)
Govt. Sec. School, Sardarpura khartha(Dist- Shriganganagar)
Today only i visited one govt. sec. school, SARDARPURA KHARTHA.(Dist.- shriganganagar). Two days before i read about this school in one newspaper that there is only two teacher for 10th std school. Last years 10th board result is 0%. All 15 students failed in there board exam. Two days before villagers locked the school and demanded to appoint more teaches so village student can get proper education. BEO, DEO came to school and promised for arrangement. But today i personally visited this school with villagers and collected all information. Main problem is that there is no subject teacher post, no HEAD MASTER so who will control all things. only two teacher and 10 classes near by 300 students , really very bad situation.
So after all discussion i promised them to make all arrangements as soon possible. Tomorrow they will provide me list of the educated peoples, those who can teach in school.
As per my observation we need quick action for this school because 15th July will be last date for admissions otherwise village students have no option to go private school in near by area and this is not possible for many villagers. all villagers are ready to cooperate us in all ways and school HM in-charge also requested me to appoint teachers as much possible.
As per 1st observation i’m suggesting you to appoint at least 3-4 teachers in this village school or as you like.
Major need is – Subject teachers like MATH TEACHER, Science Teacher for secondary section.
But to provide full facility we have to think more abt this bcz they really need our help.

2. Another village school report
Two days before we organised a meeting of villagers in Govt. primary School – 6- SHPD, Tehsil- suratgarh, Dist- shriganganagar. There is 47 students in govt school and there is two staff members(Very good news). But the condition of education is not good in this village as i am belonging from this village only.So after discussion with School HM i called a meeting of villagers because HM sir told me that parents are not supporting us. When i discussed with parents they told that they are willing to educate there kids but there is no scope for them. Most of them are belonging from SC.
Major problem of parents.
1. They all are not educated.
2. There is no facility for sec. school after 5th class. Because there is only primary school in village.
After that village students have no option to go to near by village , situated 4km away.
Same for girls student.
In all these conditions students from 6th to 10th going to another villages Secondary school there is total 20 students, who all are going to near by sec school daily by walk, no transport facility.
Its really very difficult because during returning time temp is near by 40 degree. In this situation most of students forced to miss there classes and girls students forced to drop out from school.
For this purpose i discussed with parents and i think to make transport arrangement for these 20 students so they can able to continue there education.In this process villagers also ready to help from there side as they are ready to pay 100 rupees monthly for each students. So if we can pay 100 or 150 monthly for each student(total 2000 or 2500 monthly for all 20 students) they all will get good education.

Please reply as soon possible because session is already started from 1st July itself.
Again sorry from my side for not giving time as i’m busy in my preparation.
But now in 5 or 10 days i’ll try my best to run this process in smooth way.
There is some school teachers also supporting in great way and i think they will help us in running this process. I’ll approach them to join us as volunteers.

3. Tomorrow we are planned to arrange a meeting in Govt. Sec School- 8- SHPD, (Dist- Shriganganagar)
For this village i give full responsibility to one govt teacher doing job in my native village, he is very active and supporting us in well manner. So Sir is in touch with villager from last 3 days and tomorrow we are going to finalize all requirements and all.

So all these are the details of work in last 3-4 days.

Thanks and Regards
Rajveer singh
India Sudar RJ Team.


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