Tamil Nadu,Krishnagiri Home visit-Annai anbu illam,Kaveripattinam,Krishnagiri

I would like to tell u about Annai Anbu Illaam, an orphanage that is located at Kaveripattinam (situated at 11 kms from Krishnagiri towards salem Main road).

Date of visit: 26-06-2010.

Members visited:

1. Maniganda prabhu

2. Udhaya kumar.V

3. Balamanikandan.K

About the home:

This orphanage has a total strength of 47 students.(1st std to 5th std – 35 students and above 6th std-12).This was started some 15 years ago.

This home functions only from the donations collected from the people and nearby shops. We verified all the details and documents.

The home could not get any help from the Government or any other Trusts.

Udhay interacted with the chairman of the home and got the details of the home. After this I, Udhay and Bala interacted with the students present in the home.

At present home is located on the thenpennai river bank. Home has a very small room to accommodate the 47 students (boys and girls).There is no toilet facilities in the home.

Please see the photos available @


District collector allotted 2200 sq.feet land for the construction of home with toilet and bath room facilities.They are constructing this building with the help of well wishers and donations.

We also visited the new building of the home which is under construction. The in charge person for the home is struggling to complete this building because of financial problems. The construction work is going on for past 2 years for completing the 3 rooms in the home. They were in need of money for the completion of this building.


1. They also have drinking water problem in that location. They want help to have borewell in the place. So they have requested for a help for the infrastructural development.

If anyone/any of our partner organisations are willing to donate/support for this Borewell project, it is welcome.This will help the students of this home to meet the water problem for many no of years. Based on the reply, we can ask the exact quotation and estimation.

2. Uniforms or one set dress can be provided to the students. Students are having one or two set dress only.

Total no of students: 47

Cost for the dress per set (average) : Rs.300 – 350.

With Thanks and Regards,

Maniganda Prabhu



  1. i want the contact number and current address of Annai anbu illam.
    my contact and whats app num :9944078157

  2. Hii

    En name mohanapriya ..arshramam pathi parthen .. romba manasu kashtama iruku .. Government mela romba kovam varudhu..But ena panradhu andha kulandhaigala petra parents ae irresponsible ah kulandhaigal ah vitutu poirukanga government kita ena edhir parka mudiyum.. en native krishnagiri dhan. Enaku edho oru vagaila ungaluku help pannanum nu thonudhu but ena panradhu epdi panradhunu theriyala..Innu two years la naa college mudichu job ku poiduven..Kandipa naa help panren..En friends kitayum kandipa help panna solren..And indha kulandhaigal la anba parthutu irukuradhuku ungaluku ennoda ” salute “..Al the best. And unga arshramam contact number enaku thanga please.

    1. ஆசிரமத்தின் தொடர்பு எண் உங்களிடம் யாரிடமாவது இருந்தால் எனக்கு சற்று கொடுங்கள்

  3. Sir,I am nandhini….enkallukum parents eilla.. ennku 2 sisters …..I want 2or 3 years girl baby….na amma erundhu en ponnu ku thevaiyadha seiyannu asa pandra… …..edhukku enna parmalites erukkunnu solluga…my contact no.9597529645

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