Tamil Nadu Event report – Govt Hr,Sec,School, Komarapalayam,Namakkal district.

Dear all,

Again we made a wonderful day on last Saturday (24-07-2010). This school is completely an outskirt of the district.

About the school

School is located 50 KMs from namakkal. Most of the students are from poor financial back ground.

Mayilsamy.K and myself from India sudar had participated in this trip in addition to the 6 employees from Cognizant corporate, Coimbatore.

The list of activities were done in the trip are as follows.

Please don’t forget to see the photos….

Url: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/KomarapalayamKarur

Distribution of English vocabulary booklet

Booklets prepared by Indiasudar were given to the students from 8th to 12th std followed by the one hour speech about various topics like how to improve Communication skills, self disciplines and all.

Career guidance program

Career guidance awareness program was conducted for 10th and 12th std students followed by presentation of a small child labour ppt and India sudar video (Government school students’ achievements). We distributed Indiasudar Career Guidance Booklets.

The whole school visit was pretty nice and surely brings many changes to many underprivileged students.

Thanks note: It’s time to thank Sargunan for sending career guidance books, Cognizant Outreach had arranged a cab for the visit and all the people who supported this program to end with success.

Our sincere thanks to all of Indiasudar Members and CTS volunteers.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore.
India sudar AB member

"Socialist by heart, Capitalist by mind"

Rajasthan Photographs of India sudar Learning center , Bhimaliya, Rajasthan

Udhaya Kumar.V
India Sudar – Send email to admin for any information
www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
www.udhaya.com – My experience from my World
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India Sudar Note book distribution Event ,chennai

Dear All,

India Sudar distributed note books to school students in the following places.

S.No Place No of students Benefits
1 Home children,koratur,chennai 15
2 Govt children Home for Boys,Royapuram 110
3 Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar 55
4 Govt children Home for Girls,Purasaivakkam 50
5 Puratchi Ambetkar Nagar,Purungudi 100
6 Maega Trust ,Parangimalai 85
7 Rotari nagar,mylapore 85

Total no of students benefited: 500.

This note book project was supported by Sify Chennai.

Our special thanks to Ingersoll, Dheena dayalan, Balasaraswathi, Ragu, John, Karthi, Prem and Baiju.

I have attached some photos .

Sargunan T

[IS KA Team] School fee paid for 25 students at Angel Orphange, Bangalore

Dear All,
We have paid school fee (uniform, books and tuition fee) for 25 students from Angel Orphanage based on request from Mrs. Sabina, Caretaker.
The entire amount Rs. 74,500.00 sponsored by Samsung Seva Team, Bangalore. India Sudar express our sincere thanks to them.
Here is the fee details for each students.

SNO Name of the Student Sex Class School Fee (Tuition Uniform and Books fee) Name of the School
1 Anbarasan M 1 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
2 Vignesh M 1 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
3 Lokesh M 2 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
4 Vijay Kumar M 2 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
5 Ezilarasan M 2 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
6 Daniel M 3 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
7 Manoj M 3 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
8 Sanjay M 3 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
9 Ebinazer M 4 2300.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
10 Suresh M 4 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
11 Nandan M 4 2300.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
12 Suveen M 4 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
13 Puneeth M 5 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
14 Janardhan M 5 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
15 Vishnu M 5 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
16 Shakthivel M 5 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
17 Vijay M 6 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
18 Arun Prakash M 6 2700.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
19 Bharat M 7 2500.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
20 Sylambarasan M 2 1600.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
21 Sathya Murthy M 4 2100.00 St. Marys Boys Middle School, Bangalore
21 Manjunatha M 9 6000.00 St. Xavier High School, Bangalore
22 Stalin M 9 6000.00 St. Xavier High School, Bangalore
23 Franklin Joshep M 8 6000.00 St. Xavier High School, Bangalore
24 Keerthana M 8 6000.00 St. Xavier High School, Bangalore
25 Kavya M 9 6000.00 St. Xavier High School, Bangalore
  TOTAL     74500.00  
I have attached thank letter from Angel Orphanage and project report for your reference.

Rajasthan Update Goverment School Visit report from Dist- Shriganganagar, Rajasthan

But from last 3-4 days i visited 2-3 villages and observed there condition.

1. Today(13-07-2010 village school report)
Govt. Sec. School, Sardarpura khartha(Dist- Shriganganagar)
Today only i visited one govt. sec. school, SARDARPURA KHARTHA.(Dist.- shriganganagar). Two days before i read about this school in one newspaper that there is only two teacher for 10th std school. Last years 10th board result is 0%. All 15 students failed in there board exam. Two days before villagers locked the school and demanded to appoint more teaches so village student can get proper education. BEO, DEO came to school and promised for arrangement. But today i personally visited this school with villagers and collected all information. Main problem is that there is no subject teacher post, no HEAD MASTER so who will control all things. only two teacher and 10 classes near by 300 students , really very bad situation.
So after all discussion i promised them to make all arrangements as soon possible. Tomorrow they will provide me list of the educated peoples, those who can teach in school.
As per my observation we need quick action for this school because 15th July will be last date for admissions otherwise village students have no option to go private school in near by area and this is not possible for many villagers. all villagers are ready to cooperate us in all ways and school HM in-charge also requested me to appoint teachers as much possible.
As per 1st observation i’m suggesting you to appoint at least 3-4 teachers in this village school or as you like.
Major need is – Subject teachers like MATH TEACHER, Science Teacher for secondary section.
But to provide full facility we have to think more abt this bcz they really need our help.

2. Another village school report
Two days before we organised a meeting of villagers in Govt. primary School – 6- SHPD, Tehsil- suratgarh, Dist- shriganganagar. There is 47 students in govt school and there is two staff members(Very good news). But the condition of education is not good in this village as i am belonging from this village only.So after discussion with School HM i called a meeting of villagers because HM sir told me that parents are not supporting us. When i discussed with parents they told that they are willing to educate there kids but there is no scope for them. Most of them are belonging from SC.
Major problem of parents.
1. They all are not educated.
2. There is no facility for sec. school after 5th class. Because there is only primary school in village.
After that village students have no option to go to near by village , situated 4km away.
Same for girls student.
In all these conditions students from 6th to 10th going to another villages Secondary school there is total 20 students, who all are going to near by sec school daily by walk, no transport facility.
Its really very difficult because during returning time temp is near by 40 degree. In this situation most of students forced to miss there classes and girls students forced to drop out from school.
For this purpose i discussed with parents and i think to make transport arrangement for these 20 students so they can able to continue there education.In this process villagers also ready to help from there side as they are ready to pay 100 rupees monthly for each students. So if we can pay 100 or 150 monthly for each student(total 2000 or 2500 monthly for all 20 students) they all will get good education.

Please reply as soon possible because session is already started from 1st July itself.
Again sorry from my side for not giving time as i’m busy in my preparation.
But now in 5 or 10 days i’ll try my best to run this process in smooth way.
There is some school teachers also supporting in great way and i think they will help us in running this process. I’ll approach them to join us as volunteers.

3. Tomorrow we are planned to arrange a meeting in Govt. Sec School- 8- SHPD, (Dist- Shriganganagar)
For this village i give full responsibility to one govt teacher doing job in my native village, he is very active and supporting us in well manner. So Sir is in touch with villager from last 3 days and tomorrow we are going to finalize all requirements and all.

So all these are the details of work in last 3-4 days.

Thanks and Regards
Rajveer singh
India Sudar RJ Team.


Dear Friends,All the credit goes to all the volunteers who joined hand in executing the NBD and a very special thanks to Sheshadri Sir, Chikkakurugodu govt. school HM who helped us in getting the school contacts and dividing the schools in clusters for easy execution.

Initially there were lot of hiccups, concerns and discussions about the feasibility of single day execution , but we were determined and decided to take our team into confidence to execute IN A ONE DAY. It was planned to start all the teams from Govindrajnagar @ 0600 Hrs on 03rd July but as always I forgot to append the IST (Indian Standard Time) after the planned time 🙂

India Sudar encourages students from government primary schools especially from rural villages of Karnataka and some of the homes in Bangalore by providing NOTE BOOKS and STATIONARIES required for their studies every year. This is the third year, we continue this “NOTE BOOK DRIVE (NBD)”.

Year 2010 is something special for us as “WE DISTRIBUTED in ONE DAY
–  EIGHT Teams, ONE  goal ..
–  Total of 48000+ note books,
  30,000+ Stationaries
–  7200+ students
–  across 58 govt. schools
3 Homes in Bangalore
–  in and around Kolar, Tumkur & Chirtadurga district and Chikkaballapur, Madhugiri, Gauribidanur Taluk

About Note Book Drive (NBD): NBD is the program which we started 3 years go where in we give Free note books and stationary to the selected govt. schools and Homes in Karnataka which are identified by our IS volunteers / IS Partners / Individuals. For more details about the NBD please visit our website blogs which is having all the information.

We kicked off, Team 5 & 6 as they have to start towards Kolar @ 0630 Hrs followed by Team 3 & 4 started towards Chikkakurugodu @ 0700 Hrs and then last but not the least Team 1 & 2 started towards Madhugiri @ 0800 Hrs. Previous night Team 7 started towards Chirtradurga as it was 5 hours journey from Bangalore.

Team 1 & Team 2: Vinod(IS), Rama(IS), Theja(IS), Vinay(Non-IS), Ananad(Non-IS), Jayram(LIC-Development Officer, Madhugiri), Munimariyappa(LIC-Agent, Madhugiri), Ananad(Non-IS-Local)… distributed notebooks for Gutte, Tribal (Byrapura), Mydanahalli, KCR, Tippapura, Adavinagenahalli, Muthrayanahalli govt. school in parallel.
Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/KCR_Madaganhatti_Tippapura#
Synopsis), Abishek(Synopsis), Devashish(Synopsis) .. distributed notebooks for Chikkakurugodu, Ramachandrapura, Gowdasandra, Thondekunte, Bommashettyhally, Ramapura, Kudurebyalya govt. schools in parallel.
Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarNoteBookDriveChikballapurDistrict

Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/BudikoteGullahalliDinnurBooksDistributionPhotos : To Be Uploaded.

Aviratha NGO Team: Distributed note books to 32 Govt. schools by 137 Aviratha Volunteers in 38 Cars spread across 9 Clusters.
(About Aviratha: Is a team of like minded young and energetic youth who are constantly, consistently working for the motherland (Karnataka) and humanitarian causes.This association owns moral and social responsibility to work for a better tomorrow of the society. For more information can log in to http://www.aviratha.org/)
Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/avirathagowda/AvirathaNoteBookDrive2010#

Total project cost was Rs 4,66,500. Below are the donation’s from various organization / Individuals without which we wouldn’t had realized this mega event.

From Aviratha & Imagine India – Rs 1,50,000

India Sudar express our sincere thanks to all our partners Samsung Seva Team, RECT_Batch98_Group, Aviratha NGO, IISc NBD, RED FM, Synopsis and well wishers for making NBD a BIG and successful event right form the beginning.

Team 3 & 4: Uday(IS), Shiva(IS), Suresh(IS), Srini(IISc), Sandeep(IISc), Susheel(IS), Santhosh(Synopsis), Adharsh(

Team 5 & 6: Ravi(IS), Nagaraj(IS-MAARA) & Team , Samsung Seva Team (Narendra, Sailesh, Murugudurai, Brij, Deepak and Tejaswi) and Mr. Ramesh (Headmaster in Kolar District) distributed notebooks for NINE govt schools in Kolar District. (Kembodi, Basavanatha, Chadumanahalli, Batrahalli, Ramachandra, Ajjanappanahalli, Budipeth, Gullahalli, Dinnur govt. schools).

Team 7: Nagaraj(IS), Shambhu(Aviratha NGO) distributed notebooks for  Mill Area, Venkateshwara Badavane, Kodenhatti govt. schools in parallel


From India Sudar NBD Project Cost(IS) – Rs.3,16,500
    1. Samsung Seva Team, Bangalore – 1,00,000
    2. RECT_Batch 98_Group – 43,000
    3. IISc NBD Group – 66,500
    4. India Sudar – Collected for NBD – Rs. 82,000 (Collected from well wishers, Members and Friends)    
    5. Donations collected through  India Sudar Greeting Cards and T-Shirts – Rs. 25,000

Total = Rs 4,66,500

– We express our special thanks to VINAYAKA MISSION, Salem for their big contribution Rs. 10,000 for this cause.
– We extend our heartful thanks to headmasters Mr. Sheshadri (Chikkakurigodu) and Mr. Ramesh (kolar) for their co-ordination and support right from the beginning.
– We can’t forget our KA lead Raaghu’s family members for their great support to stock our note books till distribution time and hospitality. Thanks a lot for them.
– We express our special thanks to designer Mr. Gautham. He has done excellant design for all note book covers.
– We extend our thanks to Mr. Jayaram, LIC Developement Officer and all this LIC team for providing support from the start.
Finally, it is not possible to execute without our KA Team and strong volunteers. Special thanks to all our members and volunteers, who were behind this execution and last but not the least a very special thanks to Teachers & LIC also and all the Teachers who support for this BIG event right from the beginning.

BLOG : https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/ka-nbd-2010/

Thanks & Regards,
IS-KA Team

TN: Interaction session-Astronomy-GHSS,Renganathampettai,Karur

Dear all,

Young Helping minds arranged a wonderful interactive discussion on Astronomy to the students of Govt Hr.sec school,Renganathamepettai,Karur Dt,TN .

Indiasudar presented child labour awareness movie and interacted with the students.

Build future India sponsored the expenditure for this program.

Date: 04-07-2010.

Seminar Topics:

1. Inspiring achievements of Dr.A.P.J Abdul kalam

2. Introduction to Astronomy (PPT with Clippings,images and funny videos)

3. Child labour movie. ( )

Mr.Kalam Nagappan, Trustee, Young Helping Minds took the seminar.


9th to +2 students + school teachers

Students asked many questions on Astronomy. They are able to understand much information.

Young helping minds presented Hero Pens to students who asked questions.

In simple words, this event triggered many students. It will MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


1.Nagappan 2. Ms.Jaya 3.Mr.soundar – Young Helping Minds

2. Gunasekaran, Shanmukavadivu,Balamanikandan,Manikandan.G (from Mulanur)- Indiasudar.

Photos are available at


Build future India sponsored Tea and biscuits for school students and the LCD projector arrangements.

Our sincere thanks to Gunasekaran sir , Shanmukavadivu and Mr.sivakumar (school Maths teacher) for the coordination and other arrangements.

Thanks to one and all.

Best Regards,


Partial Financial Support Required

Dear All,

We have to pay the college fee to our student D.Renuka BCA-3rd year-5th sem fee within a week. she has scored 76% score till 3rd semester.

Actual fee per sem: Rs. 7500

Parents’ Contribution: Rs.2750 + uniform,bus fare etc.

Indiasudar Contribution (Requirement): Rs.4250.

If anyone is interested, plz send us the mail.

Brief Information:

Student:D.Renuka, BCA.

Father- no job – diabetics patient – house rest.
Mother – coolie- textile border design handwork, only mother is working. Maximum 2500 Rs per month salary.
address: M.tharmalingam, 182/10,middle street, panchamadevi (po),karur dt.


Tamil Nadu,Krishnagiri Home visit-Annai anbu illam,Kaveripattinam,Krishnagiri

I would like to tell u about Annai Anbu Illaam, an orphanage that is located at Kaveripattinam (situated at 11 kms from Krishnagiri towards salem Main road).

Date of visit: 26-06-2010.

Members visited:

1. Maniganda prabhu

2. Udhaya kumar.V

3. Balamanikandan.K

About the home:

This orphanage has a total strength of 47 students.(1st std to 5th std – 35 students and above 6th std-12).This was started some 15 years ago.

This home functions only from the donations collected from the people and nearby shops. We verified all the details and documents.

The home could not get any help from the Government or any other Trusts.

Udhay interacted with the chairman of the home and got the details of the home. After this I, Udhay and Bala interacted with the students present in the home.

At present home is located on the thenpennai river bank. Home has a very small room to accommodate the 47 students (boys and girls).There is no toilet facilities in the home.

Please see the photos available @


District collector allotted 2200 sq.feet land for the construction of home with toilet and bath room facilities.They are constructing this building with the help of well wishers and donations.

We also visited the new building of the home which is under construction. The in charge person for the home is struggling to complete this building because of financial problems. The construction work is going on for past 2 years for completing the 3 rooms in the home. They were in need of money for the completion of this building.


1. They also have drinking water problem in that location. They want help to have borewell in the place. So they have requested for a help for the infrastructural development.

If anyone/any of our partner organisations are willing to donate/support for this Borewell project, it is welcome.This will help the students of this home to meet the water problem for many no of years. Based on the reply, we can ask the exact quotation and estimation.

2. Uniforms or one set dress can be provided to the students. Students are having one or two set dress only.

Total no of students: 47

Cost for the dress per set (average) : Rs.300 – 350.

With Thanks and Regards,

Maniganda Prabhu

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