TN Visit: Govt primary school,Kuppuchipalayam (36kms from Erode)

Dear All,

I visited Panchayath Union primary school, Kuppuchipalayam (36kms from Erode) , KG Valasu near chennimalai, Erode dt on 20.06.2010.

About this school:

The school has 20 students only (one to 5th std). School has one headmaster and one teacher. Students from very poor background are studying in this school. Village is located very far from the town. Parents are from agriculture-labour background.

School teacher (Mr.Daniel) takes care of the students with full interest and dedication.

He collects fund from various well wishers and have done the following to the school students.

1. He is utilising all the government funds and infrastructure given by govt such as CDs, Books, and TV etc.

2. Students are able to understand simple English in the school campus.

3. Whenever time permits and/or holidays he brings the students to the campus and explains the subjects thru CDs and DVDs.

4. He collects fund from well wishers and keeps some note books, pencil, colour pencil, eraser etc. whenever student needs any stationary items, students can utilise those.

5. Arranged a trip to Ooty (students and parents)and explained the important places and information.

6. Since the students have not seen any circus, he arranged that for students and parents.

+ etc… etc…

All his activities can be seen from the following URL.


School has one monitor and key board, mouse.

He needs one CPU. (Costs around 7000 Rs.) This helps him to teach computer to students.

In addition to that, if anyone wants to donate any of your old system, it can be utilised.


1. T.Ilayaraja (IAS-Madya pradesh) who introduced this school to Indiasudar.

2. V.Veerakumar – Volunteer and Teacher from kavunthapadi,erode dt.


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