Tamil Nadu we salute to great people for their great work

Dear All,

We here at Mayanoor goverment primary school have had a wonderful 2009 – 10 academic year. Thanks to people from IS, Dream India, Young Helping Mind and Helping Minds Trusts. The quality and atmosphere of the school has improved and the local people have started to respect the school as good as any private school. Apart from education we have introduced many extra curricular activities which attracts students and is also beneficial to them.

The following are the activities conducted in our school last year

– IS computer centre – Free basic computer education for all Goverment school students.

– Dream India Sports Club – Introduction to basic sports acitivities to identfy talent among young students and kindle their interest.

– We are conducting dance classes for students on weekends, which has been welcomed by students.

– Free chappal distribution to deserving students sponsored by Young Helping Minds trust.

– Blood grouping camp sponsored by local bodies.

– Helping Minds Trust – New Water storage tank has been constructed in our school to provide clean water for children.

Our special thanks to Students of REC Trichy 1999 batch who have helped us a lot.

Once again I sincerely thank all those who have been continuously encouraging and assisting us to provide all this at our school. Their commitment and energy has increased our enthusiasm to work more productively. We look forward to your continuous support for the following year also.

Challenges and goals of our school this academic year.

– We are facing a shortage of teachers this year since 2 of our teachers have been transferred. We are now only 2 teachers for around 130 students.

– The sports club and dance class is in need of funds for paying the instructors.

– We are planning to add 10 more systems to our computer centre and upgrade it to a computer lab level. We need funds for the furnishing. We have the systems.

– We are planning to start a full fledged Eco club, so that this will provide a monthly once practical training in agriculture for for 4th and 5th std studentsds

Thank you



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