Visit to Pneuma Trust, Madurai

Date: May 17, 2010                                                          Place: Madurai


Upon request of Mr.Udaya Kumar of India Sudar, a visit was made on May 17, 2010 to Pneuma Trust to observe and assess the credibility of the Pneuma Trust for India Sudar’s support this financial year. Mr.T.Narendran, a volunteer in Madurai visited the trust and prepared this report for India Sudar’s consideration.

The Trust operates from its office in Shanthi nagar which lies little far away from the city of Madurai where they run a small home for children of HIV affected parents from across Tamil Nadu. I had a good discussion with Ms.Paulin, Managing Trustee of the Trust along with Mr.Mani Kandan of India Express, Madurai (who contacted India Sudar for supporting them). I could not meet any students as it was holiday season for all of them and they all had gone to their home for vocation. Renovation work of the home was being carried out at the time of my visit.

An introduction to Pneuma Trust

Professional Network for the Emancipation of the Under privileged Masses (Pneuma Trust) was founded in the year 2003 and registered as a Trust under India Public Trust Act 1882. The Trust has three Trustees and it was promoted with the overall aim of supporting the children from underprivileged families from across Tamil Nadu mainly on the themes such as education, health, etc.

My observations

About the Trust and its Management

The Trust has clear vision and mission and is carrying out various initiatives in par to their objectives of promotion of the Trust. The Trust since its inception is managed by Ms.Paulin, Managing Trustee of Pneuma Trust. She is a M.S.W. graduate and has good understanding of the sector and also has rich experience in working with underprivileged children. The Trust has got 12AA, 80G and also recent obtained FCRA status.

Initiatives of the Trust

  • Scholarship to underprivileged children to study in schools
  • Providing note books and uniforms to students
  • Home for these children- shelter and food
  • Evening tuition classes for these children
  • Camps, yoga and competition for personality development
  • Regular health check up for students in home
  • Awareness programmes on HIV and AIDS and sexual reproductive health of young people in colleges and campaign activities for general public in Madurai

Identification of students for home

Initially they started inviting applications for joining the home and later in 2007 onwards it was only through reference, they get students and students are identified based on the following criteria

  • Children of HIV affected parents
  • Second priority to children of female sex workers and
  • Children of destitute mother
  • Only boy children are identified and brought to the home

Home for the underprivileged

At present there are 32 children (boys) staying in home and undergoing school education. These 32 children are studying in nearby Government schools and the Trust takes care of their living in home. Recently 10 students (10th pass out students) will be moving out of the home and new 10 children will be identified. The passed out 10 students will be supported by the Trust in getting an admission in 11th STD near to their home and they will be staying with their parents from now. The home is meant for students from 1st STD to 10th STD.

The Trust maintains a detailed profile of all the students staying in home. The home is presently run in a building donated by the father of Ms.Paulin and is presently under renovation. The home is taken care by Ms.Paulin along with his father and a support person. Volunteers from colleges come to the home and teach these students and spend some time in evening with these children.

The Trust did not receive any grant funds from any donor or funding agencies except a small grant of Rs.10,000 from National Institute of Naturapoathy, Pune for conduct of yoga and natural treatment camp for these children. The home and other activities of the Trust are supported by well wishers and individual philanthropist including Akshaya Trust, Madurai.

The Trust has now planned to seek support from institutions like India Sudar, Asha for Education, etc for their educational activities. The Trust maintains proper accounts and audit reports and all their accounts are duly audited by chartered accountant every year.


Below are the requirements shared by Ms.Paulin, the Managing Trustee of the Pneuma Trust for the year 2010-2011. As the school begins in June, all the students will be back in home by the end of May. Hence these below mentioned needs are required from June 2010.

Note books


Items Numbers Approximate Cost
1. One Quire Ruled Note 164 Rs.12×164=RS.1968.00
2. One Quire Un-ruled Note 84 Rs.12×84=RS.1008.00
3. One Quire Math Note 42 Rs.12×42=RS.504.00
4. Two Quire Math Note 20 Rs.16×20=RS.320.00
5. 80 Pages ruled composition Note 84 Rs.14×84=RS.1176.00
6. 80 Pages Un ruled composition Note 42 Rs.14×84=RS.1176.00
7. Drawing Note 20 Rs.18×20=RS.360.00
8. One Quire Long Size Un-Ruled Note 154 Rs.17×154=RS.2618.00
9. 80 pages Graph Note 32 Rs.14×32=RS.448.00
10. 4 Lines Note 25 Rs12x25=RS.300.00
11. 2 lines note 30 Rs.12×30=RS.360.00
TOTAL Rs.10,238.00


S.No Items Numbers
1 Ball Pen 100
2 Ink Pen 84
3 Pencil 84
4 Eraser 84
5 Scale- 42
6 Long Scale 42
7 Geometry Box 38
8 Ink Bottle 500 ml 4 Bottle
9 Un-ruled Paper 50 Quire
10 Box 42
11 School Bag 45

Recommendation to India Sudar

  1. India Sudar can consider the requirements of the Trust and shall proceed further
  2. The Trust has got very good identity and credibility as it is very much evident that all leading newspapers and magazines in Madurai had featured this Trust and its activities
  3. I could also feel the need for a computer and also a well established library for students staying in Home. As the home attracts many volunteers (college students) during evening time, they could be helpful in teaching computer and also provide evening tuition classes for the students. This requirement also could be considered by India Sudar for its support to the Trust.

Report prepared by

T.Narendran, Madurai

Mobile: +91-9894835600



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