India Sudar Visit report – Assam & Manipur – April 22-25 , 2010

Dear All

Long time dream came true last week when myself & Udhay finally arrived our North eastern states – Assam & Manipur. Main goal was to review our ongoing projects in Manipur and get a feel of Assam – its state of education.

Visit to Assam – Apr 22-24, 2010

On the first day we reached Gauhati through Kolkata. End of day reached Bongegon district. Our visit was planned in the heart of "Bodoland" districts of Kokrajar, Chirang, Udhalguri districts. Roads becoming worse most of times, schools were not inspiring either. Sad to know the govt schools there do not run mostly – Even more shocking to hear they teachers have not recieved salary for 6 months !! Some even shocked us saying par police forces were not paid for 3 months ! Hmm wondering what is the state of affairs we moved on. Currently ceasefire is in session and so we could safely travel through. In general people want peace & developmet – of all education !

We visited a series of schools & one group from NC hills we met in gauhati itself. Reason is we could not travel to North Sachar hills.

Here is the list of all places we visited in Assam:

1. School: Nam School, Upper Bagetar, Haflong, N.C.Hills, Assam, Post Box – 18, Pin 788819.(no visit. met group in gauhati – Very interior & far from gauhati)
2. Charitable Trust School: Living Banner Charitable Trust, No.2 Kusumbil, P.O – Raimona, P.S – Gossaigaon, District – Kokarajhar BTC (Assam), Pin – 783350.
3. School: Bodoland Sports Academy, Vill – Dologaon, District – Chirang (BTC), Assam.
4. School Name: Green Valley Development Trust, Joldoba (Part-1), PO – Paglahat, P.S – Kazigaon, Dist – Kokrajhar, BTC, Assam.
5. Home Name: Nichima Orphanage Home Society, Sishubari, PO-Koilamoila, PS-Bijni, District – Chirang (BTAD), Assam.
6. Society: Udangshri Development Society, Vill – Merbangchuburi, PO – Harisinga , Dist – Udalguri, BTAD (Assam), Pin – 784510.
7. Harisinga Multi Purpose Bodo Girls High School, PO – Harisinga – 784510, District – Udalguri, BTC Assam.

Attached is the details of requirement. Did not want to put too many details in this space, refer to doc for more details ..

Assam Photos:

Our sincere thanks to Nehor & Anil who coordinated the efforts in Assam. Nehor studied in kadeedsh home, bangalore & we knew him very well. ANd we are proud to see that this guy is doing a lot of development work in many villages.

We are planning to deploy few teachers in the most needy of where we visited. Compared to other states the state seems more of our help !!

Trivia : For first time we heard something called "Schooless teachers". THis is teacher on record for job creation without actually deploying – as there is no school !!

Visit to Manipur – April 24,25 2010

– With help of Obed our cordinator for Manipur we have been supporting 22 kids to go to school.
– We met up with all students & their parents. Was very evident that we could not communicate directly, Obed did a good job of that.
– Gave parents the need to monitor the children and support all ways for them to study well. We could see most of them work in fields and have not studied themselves. But one notable thing is they want all their children to be educated well !
– Our thanks to Haokip Obed & his family for being really hospitable & really enjoyed our whole stay.

Manipur Photos:

We take this oppurtunity to once again thanks all our donors who readily helped these children even without seeing them. Seeing them in Manipur our mids were filled with gratitude and we salute your efforts.

Trivia : No engg college in whole of Manipur & only one medical college.
Natural resources is very good, but no industries !!

The visit to both these places is a different experiences and dawing of bitter reality, dicotomy our great country face !

We would look foward to all your help in extending our help to the children of Assam & Manipur. WOuld like to convery special thanks to Dr.Victor, Kadeesh home to have coordinated the whole travel plan in Assam. His home in bangalore as you all know houses many children from North east !

India sudar will continue to trielessly work for all those needy children – especially north east ! We will soon publish the project details we intend to undertake in Assam.

Sivanarayanan / Udhay

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  1. Please update me of organizations in North East that works in the area of education for underpriviliged children.

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