West Bengal Project Report – Amrasabai – Update

Dear All

We have successfully deployed three teachers in for this school. Please find the attached project report for each.

Currently they have around 180 students, standards from KGI to IV, out of which 97 male and 82 female students. This school has demonstrated their vision by having 46% female students in their school, which ultimately crossed our so called 33% reservation for which our government fighting so hard to get. God help our nation…Hats off to the administration team of this school…

Our point of contact of this school and initiative is Mr. B. R Mishra. He is an excellent human being, single handedly with very good support from his network, he is running and developing this school.

They do have lots of requirement from us, one being the deployment of teachers, which we have successfully done. Second, they need our support to procure study materials, Black Board, Chalk, pencil, duster, scale, maps, chart, posters, etc.

Post deployment of teachers, we are concentrating on providing some support to procure study materials.

More to come in future…J





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