Karnatka KA-Madhugiri School Visit Report

Dear ISians,

On 17th Apr 2010 Saturday, me and Uday had been to Madhugiri, Tumkur District, Karnataka. We got a invite from Mr. Jayram, LIC Development Officer, Madhugiri. We had a discussion about govt. school in and around Madhugiri and Mr. Jayram invited us to visit the places and said that if IS can do some thing to these schools.

To start with plan was to visit 4 govt school in Madhugiri Taluk but only visited 3 govt. schools.

1) Kuppacharirappa

This village in in between the mountains and there is no source of income to the families residing in this village. Total population of this village is around 250+ and most of the families staying here are dependent on the one season corp cutting that will give them around 5K – 10K per year. There is only one govt. primary school and around 50+ kids altogether in school. Post primary if the kid is interested to continue studies then they will go to Madhugiri or one more village near by, both are 6+ KM and no means of transport. Kids have to walk up and down in the hill.

Primary School in this village is in very poor condition and there is only one building with 2 rooms and 1 kitchen. This year there would be 50+ kids in the school. Headmaster (Vijaykumar) is very dedicated person and comes from Madhugiri. He is little laud in talking but good and dedicated person. After talking to him face to face we came to know about his work. He is sponsoring one kid to continue his higher studies on his own.

Requirement: HM requested for stationaries for kids.

What we think: This place is well deserving as its only primary we can support the stationary and also we can have a primary library set up. Kids are not exposed to any out side world except the 250+ ppl interacting.

2) Higher Primary School, Siddapura, Madhugiri Taluk.

This village is center and considerably big village. This school is well equipped in teachers and one year back from Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro this school has got learning CD’s and 2000 reading library books. Kids have represented school in state level Kho-Kho and Kabbadi.

1) Water Purifier for School : Water in this village is contaminated with floride which will turn the teeth in yellow and then decay in very short period. Almost all the villagers we saw were having dark yello teeth. Initailly we thought its because of GUTKA or PAN but HM clarified that its for Floride contents in the water.
2) Library Rack : From past 1 year not all the books are given to kids as there is no storage rack.
3) Computer Systems required : There were 5 systems and 4 are stolen from the school, leaving one which is in not working condition. HM requested if we can fix the system and get some more systems. School is having ample educational CD’s to run.
4) Sports item required.

What we think:
1) Library Rack can be provided as school is having lot of books to be given to kids and near by kids.
2) Sports kit can be given
3) We can run the IS Scholarship programs. As per HM there are lot of kids who are very much interested in continuing higher education.

3) Primary School, Madaganahatti, Madhugiri Taluk. HM: Rajashekhar B

This village are dependent on the Sheep business and Farming.
There is only one primary school and strength is 64 for this year. Here we saw "Nali Kali" program implemented for 1st and 2nd standard kids. Program is implemented and executed very well. Head master demonstrated all the "Nali Kali" programs and took us to the room where they conduct the "Nali Kali" program. We have uploaded photos for this.

Head master is really helpfull and enthusiastic to do more and more for kids learning.

For higher school kids will have to go to Madhugiri.

1) HM requested for stationaries.
2) Any Learn via playing model will help.

What we think: Stationaries can be given as the number is very less and can think of coming up with the Learn via playing model. With this we can implement in other primary schools as for primary we cannot run much of programs.

Photos: #

Blog Link: https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/ka-madhugiri/

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