[Tamil Nadu] visited the Panchayath Union Primary School, Ramaya Puri , thuvarankurichi,trichy d.t

Photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/TN_ramaiyapuriPanchayathUnionPrimarySchoolThuvarankurichiTrichyDT
I have visited the Panchayath Union Primary School, Ramaya Puri on 20.03.2010. We must thank Mr.Nazeer for given a good support to complete the visit successfully. Please find the attachment for the report of the visit.

This school is located Ramaiyapuri which is 7KMs from Thuvaran Kurichi. All the peoples are not gone through the education. Their nature of job is Agriculture and cooli, earnings is not more than Rs.2000/month it seems. These villages are don’t have the basic facilities such as bus, hospitals and medical facilities. For hospital they ll have to go Thuvaran Kurichi only. Middle and Higher sec. schools are located  3 and 6 KMs respectively from the Villages. They will have to go 40KMs for arts and Engineering collages which is located in manaparrai. And we must appreciate the School H.M. Mr. Suresh and the Teacher Mr.Nazeer for appointing the teaching staff with the help of “Asaeba”  which is known as Australian NGO,

And rest of the information about school, requirements and Photos are attached along with these mail. with Thanks,



Respected sir,
i am very proud to contact u,i read your extract in pudhiya thalaimurai,i am working as a teacher in a goverment primary school,located at ramaiyapuri village near thuvarankurichi in trichy dt.

school name;panchayath union primary school
village;          ramaiyapuri
location;        thuvarankurichi,trichy d.t
classes;        1 to 5

strength; 50.
in my school the childrens are basically very poor,there family situations did nt help to their education,they want some note books and writing materials,they are very talented.so please consider my mail and give some help to my childrens.
bus route to my school; trichy to madurai bus,in middle thuvarankurichi my school is only 6 kilometers from thuvarnkurichi.



  1. Ramaiyapuri is very poor village. ramaiyapuri vilaje school-rku ennel mudindha udhaviseiyaveandum enra ennam idhanmoolam uruvahinradhu. school valarchiku kastapadum suresh sir ku manamarntha parattukkal matrum nanriyai therivithu kolhiren. And thanks to aseaba niruvanam.

  2. Mr.Suresh is best (close) friend, i am working in dubai. I know the school and village very well more time i visited the school with suresh. I am also help the growth of school, Thanks for asaeba ———–Rajendiran.P Thulukkampatty Thuvarankurichy.

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