India Sudar has arranged a special program for 10th standard students from different villages in KARNATAKA

Dear All,

India Sudar has arranged a special program for 10th standard students from different villages in KARNATAKA

Professor Subbanna and his success stroy : After a successful career in NCERT and education departments, he has taken up the noble cause of guiding rural kids on the career opportunities available. He has also authored several books on career guidance and on cracking the state, CBSE and ICSE exams. He has conducted several workshops in Govt. schools towards this cause (including Kakolu where we conducted the quiz recently).

India Sudar and Prof. Subbanna : India Sudar KA Team is interacting with professor to conduct a program at government scools in rural villages, which will benefit all students going to appear for 10th Standard. His interactive session, guidance along with his specially prepared books will boost their confidence and they can score more marks as well.

India Sudar Program and Schedule: India Sudar arranged a program at Chikkakurugodu with Prof. Subbanna on 6th March 2010, Saturday @ 9a.m.

Prof. Subbanna will have a interactive session for about 2 hrs with all 10std students facing the exam and giving them useful tips. For this, he will use the books prepared for this purpose alone (a question bank and tips book). Towards the end of the program he will distribute these books.

Actual cost of the book per subject is Rs 10, six subjects which sums upto Rs 60. We are getting 50% discount price on the actual price.

Number of schools going to participate: Govt schools from the following villages will be benefited
(1) Gedare,
(2) Chikkakurugodu,
(3) Alipura
(4) Alkapura
(5) Kadallaveni

Number of students will be benefited: 200

Schedule: IS KA Team will start 7:30am from Bangalore and the program will take about 3 hours.

Project Cost : We are planning to distribute Prof. Subbanna books for all 200 students. The estimated cost is Rs. 6000.00. (200 * 30)
Please let us know, if any of you willing to contribute for this project.


‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’


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