Karnatka Myrada Meeting updates – 27MAR2010

Dear Friends,

On Saturday we had been to Myrada. This is was ad-hoc meeting as our
Tumkur visit was cancelled due to unavailability of the HM in 4 schools.

Me, Uday and Raaghu went to discuss the Gulburga Learning Centers
continuity for this year as there was some news of opeing 5000 Tution
Centers. Kiran Sir clarified the news and said that its govt. which is
trying to do some projects like this. Some time back one survey team
from govt. came to educational survey and Kiran sir mentioned our work
in setting up the Learning centers and team was very much impressed.

Continuing his talks, Kiran sir updated that govt. work will take more
time and asked us to continue the support and also open some more
Learning Centers in the surrounding areas. He suggested that lets take
up 2 – 3 circles around main CMRC’s and then support completely. We
would see the results.

We briefed about NBD, in which we are supporting 50+ schools. Also told
about Kolar which is newly added this year. Archana madam (Myrada)
updated Myrada is also present in Kolar and they have formed CMRC’s. For
the benefit of the local, there is a local FM channel which is called as
"NAMMA DHWANI(our voice)" and is run by CMRC’s. Its FM Station 90.4, and
which is spread across 152 Villages. Archama Madam said that we can use
this also to spread the awareness about education.

We briefed him with this years IS new projects and was very much
impressed and said that he would support all the initiatives from
Myrada’s side.

We briefed about:
1 – IS Learning Packages -> what is this, how it would be executed etc.

2 – IS Science Lab -> Idea behind opening this, what’s the use etc.

3 – IS 5 -> The plan, how we are going to execute, beneficiaries, give
back from beneficiaries.

4 – IS Learning Centers -> We gave more detailed information about this
program. Updated that we would keep friday’s and Saturday’s only for the
non-academics topics.

5 – IS Sports Kit -> We said that we would be including this in this
years agenda and provide the sports material to govt. school to get the
sports talent.

6 – IS Career guidance -> In the discussion this was the most hottest
topic Currently, in search of jobs and better money next generation of
farmers are not willing to continue the farming as this involves lot of
challenges and after working for days together in fields the "money
factor" is very less compared to urban jobs. So, most of the farmers
sons are getting deviated from there ancestral work which is kind of alarm.
Going forward (and one or other day) what will happen is that we would
rent our lands and then get the same food grains for more money and
profits are let out. To avoid this we were discussing about how to
improve the situation. We have several challenges in-front. To tackle
this Myrada is doing wonderful work of creating social awareness by all
there programs. We can also extend our by our means "education". Our
idea should be no one should be migrated from there local cities in
search of jobs. Migration is happening because of less job opportunities
in local areas.

Basically we need to build the strong career guidance which will enable
the local to get the local jobs. Some of the points which we discussed
in these lines are mentioned below:
1 – Requested Kiran sir to get us the Gulbarga report about the Job
2 – Based on this report we will have to come up with the programs which
are district specific. Which would be helpful in getting trained in the
specific area with which the individual can get the jobs locally. For
this myrada will support and they will utilize there training centers to
train and which will be driven by IS.
3 – Create the awareness Career path to students through Learning
Centers & CMRC’s. Idea here is to share our thoughts to Myrada trainers
and they will spread through there programs.
4 – Through education connect the latest agriculture technology to rural
students. For this we need to contact the agriculture universities and
there on need to decide how to proceed.
5 – Right for the primary education prepare the rural kids to get
exposed to Agriculture field and other technological field so that right
from the start kids will know options which are there in future.

While talking we expressed our willingness to create awareness in most
of the North Karnataka region and for the same Kiran sir introduced to
Mr. Cyril W Vas who is responsible for the Bellary district from Myrada.
Where Myrada is also created CMRC model. Cyril sir said that quality of
education is really poor in this area. Especially in rural areas. Cities
are better but still requires attention. Cyril sir said that we need to
concentrate more in Ankola, Bellary & Bidar. We are planning to visit
these place during 1st week of June as now school holidays started.

Going towards costal Karnataka, there is improvement requirement in
Bhatkal surrounding areas in Karwar District. We said we will visit
these places some time in June once the schools are started.

We concluded the meeting with Sugar Care Juice ūüôā and said that we will
come up with the plan to execute more projects which will cover more and
more areas.

Please share your views on this.

India Sudar West Bengal Project Report – Amrasabai

Dear All

Here is the update on Amrasabai ‚Äď Westbengal. (Earlier project report was presented by Anjan Goswami)

This is our second initiative in Westbengal. (First one was Amlasole).

I met Mr B. R Mishra on 21st March at his residence. We discussed about their future planning and other requirements. Initially we were planning to support only two teachers, but now as per their latest request we will be supporting the third teacher too.

They are also sent their request for educational materials for the kids, please find the attached list of books and their requirements.

Will keep you posted on future planning.
R. Radhakrishnan.

WB_School Requirement for Amara Sabai School.doc

[KA-EVENT] INDIA SUDAR STALL at a college fest “Cultura” in CMR Institute of Technology

Dear friends,

The India Sudar-KA team members arranged for a stall at a college fest “Cultura” in CMR Institute of Technology as part of membership drive and¬† raise funds for the notebook drive.


Dates: 26th and 27th of March
Venue: CMRIT College,Kundanahall i,Bangalore- 560043.
Members Involved: Priyanka Rao and Sindhu Reddy
Duration of the Event: 9am-6pm.

We sold T-shirts and applied mehandi to raise funds. We also brought awareness about India Sudar to the crowd by giving them free book marks, brochures and so on.

Special thanks to Mrs Lalitha Asokan(lecturer at CMRIT) who helped us to get a stall at the fest.

Sincere thanks to Ravikumar Kalaimani who helped us with all the requirements and

to Inchara and Ridhi who volunteered to apply mehandi.

The photos are available at  http://picasaweb. google.com/ indiasudar/ INDIASUDARSTALLA TCMRITBANGALORE#

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible.
Please continue your support for elevating educational standards
of the underprivileged.

Priyanka Rao

[Tamil Nadu] visited the Panchayath Union Primary School, Ramaya Puri , thuvarankurichi,trichy d.t

Photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/TN_ramaiyapuriPanchayathUnionPrimarySchoolThuvarankurichiTrichyDT
I have visited the Panchayath Union Primary School, Ramaya Puri on 20.03.2010. We must thank Mr.Nazeer for given a good support to complete the visit successfully. Please find the attachment for the report of the visit.

This school is located Ramaiyapuri which is 7KMs from Thuvaran Kurichi. All the peoples are not gone through the education. Their nature of job is Agriculture and cooli, earnings is not more than Rs.2000/month it seems. These villages are don’t have the basic facilities such as bus, hospitals and medical facilities. For hospital they ll have to go Thuvaran Kurichi only. Middle and Higher sec. schools are located¬† 3 and 6 KMs respectively from the Villages. They will have to go 40KMs for arts and Engineering collages which is located in manaparrai. And we must appreciate the School H.M. Mr. Suresh and the Teacher Mr.Nazeer for appointing the teaching staff with the help of “Asaeba”¬† which is known as Australian NGO,

And rest of the information about school, requirements and Photos are attached along with these mail. with Thanks,



Respected sir,
i am very proud to contact u,i read your extract in pudhiya thalaimurai,i am working as a teacher in a goverment primary school,located at ramaiyapuri village near thuvarankurichi in trichy dt.

school name;panchayath union primary school
village;          ramaiyapuri
location;        thuvarankurichi,trichy d.t
classes;        1 to 5

strength; 50.
in my school the childrens are basically very poor,there family situations did nt help to their education,they want some note books and writing materials,they are very talented.so please consider my mail and give some help to my childrens.
bus route to my school; trichy to madurai bus,in middle thuvarankurichi my school is only 6 kilometers from thuvarnkurichi.

Tamil Nadu, Mayanoor distribution of chappals

Dear Members,

Today we have distributed free chappals for following schools.
A member from YHM, Ms.Jaya participated in the event.

Panchayat president from Mayanoor also was present.

It was very great for rural school children who have been struggling without proper footwear in this summer. some of them have got a footwear for the first time in their life.

Thank you for your support for making this event succesful




Dear Friends,

Visited Date: 06 MARCH 2010

Visited Place: Budikote, Gullahalli & Dinnur. Bangarpeth Taluk, Kolar Dinstrict

Visited By(Volunters): Uday(IS), Vinod(IS), Nagaraja (IS, also part of MARA) and Sandip (non-member)

About the place: All the three villages which we visited are remote villages. Good connectivity from road and roads are good except for the roads towards Dinnur. Main income source is Agriculture and coolie. As other villages this place also no parents are literated.



Saturday morning we started @ 0700 Hrs and reached first Budikote village @ 0915 Hrs (15 mins behind schedule). Nagaraj quickly introduced to Principal of the college. In Budikote its Govt. P.U Composite College. Primary, High school and P.U.C are in the same building infact share the building. Constuction are going on and some of the classes are conducted under the tree in open ground.

Govt. PU Composite College, K. V Munivenkatappa. Principal

In this college there only one stream that’s ARTS. 10th pass students are having no option but to choose for ARTS. Very less students who are interested in studies will continue there other streams. Bangarpeth is the nearest place where students can go for SCIENCE and COMMERCE which around 40KM from Budikote.


1) Principal requested for P.U course materials, There are no pre-defined subject books for PU hence principal requested for various authors books which will be maintained in the Library and rotated. He has given the list of hard copy of the Books.

Govt. High School, Budikote, D.S. Shankaraiah. Vice Principal

– Teachers are adequate

– Pass Percentage is 80.

– There are all together 800 students in High School (8th, 9th & 10th).

– Local lawyer donates note books to 100 – 150 Students.

REQUIREMENT: We are having a requirement of providing Note Books to approx 500+ high school children.

Stationeries Requirement: NDB_Requirement_Kolar(Budipeth_Gullahalli_Dinnur).xls

8th 113 102 215
9th 157 154 311
10th 137 137 274
Total 407 393 800


Govt. Primary School, Budikote, Lakshamaiah. Head Master.

РChildren’s from 12 villages come to this school to studay

– Very poor financial back ground, Mainly parents are coolie on agriculture fields.

REQUIREMENT: We are having a requirement of providing Note Books.

Stationeries Requirement : NDB_Requirement_Kolar(Budipeth_Gullahalli_Dinnur).xls

  Boys Girls Total
1st 12 15 27
2nd 16 9 25
3rd 14 10 24
4th 18 19 37
5th 17 20 37
6th 66 50 116
7th 55 80 135
Total 198 203 401


Total Stationeries requirement for Primary and High school- BUDIPETH

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Total
Drawing Book 0 0 0 0 37 116 135 100 150 150 688
200 Page (Double Ruled) 27 25 24 37 111 464 675 600 900 900 3763
200 Page (Square Line) 27 25 24 37 111 464 675 0 0 0 1363
200 Page (Four Line) 0 0 0 0 148 464 540 100 300 300 1852
200 Page (Normal) 27 25 24 37 111 464 675 200 300 300 2163
Graph Book 0 0 0 0 0 116 135 100 150 150 651
Geometry Box 0 0 0 37 37 116 135 100 150 150 725
Pencils 108 100 96 148 148 464 540 200 300 150 2254
Eraser 27 25 24 37 37 116 135 200 300 300 1201
Sharpener 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 150 150 400
Scale 0 0 0 0 37 116 135 100 150 150 688
Pen 54 50 48 74 74 232 270 200 300 300 1602



Govt. High School, Rajappa, Head Master

– High school and primary are having separate building.

– Teachers are adequate.

– From this high school last year students represented in state level cultural activities.

– Drop outs are very less.

– Pass percentage is 85.

REQUIREMENT: Along with the Stationeries for the students head master also requested if IS can provide help in giving the Exam and Regular fees for the Students. Exam fees is 300 Rs/ Student and Regular fees is 200 Rs/Students.

Stationeries Requirement : NDB_Requirement_Kolar(Budipeth_Gullahalli_Dinnur).xls

  Boys Girls Total
1st 12 3 15
2nd 6 11 17
3rd 5 3 8
4th 9 13 22
5th 3 13 16
6th 44 40 84
7th 36 35 71
Total 115 118 233
8th 56 24 80
9th 70 56 126
10th 70 56 126
Total 196 136 332

 Total Stationeries requirement for Primary and High school- GULLAHALLI

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Total
Drawing Book 0 0 0 0 16 84 71 80 126 126 503
200 Page (Double Ruled) 15 17 8 22 48 336 355 80 126 126 1133
200 Page (Square Line) 15 17 8 22 48 336 355 80 126 126 1133
200 Page (Four Line) 0 0 0 0 0 336 284 80 126 126 952
200 Page (Normal) 15 17 8 22 48 336 355 480 756 756 2793
Graph Book 0 0 0 0 0 84 71 80 126 126 487
Geometry Box 0 0 0 22 16 84 71 80 126 126 525
Pencils 60 68 32 88 64 336 284 480 504 504 2420
Eraser 15 17 8 22 16 84 71 80 126 126 565
Sharpener 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 80 126 126 332
Scale 0 0 0 0 16 84 71 80 126 126 503
Pen 30 34 16 44 32 168 142 480 504 504 1954



Govt. Higher Primary School, Gowdappa, Head Master

– Average Students.

– From this high school last year students represented in state level sports activities(Kabaddi and Kho Kho)

– Drop outs are very less.

REQUIREMENT: Along with the Stationaries for the students head master also requested if IS can provide sports materials.

Sports Materials : Badminton, Ring, Throw ball, Skipping rope, Carram Board, Volly Ball, Chess Board

Stationaries Requirement : Attached Excel.

  Boys Girls Total
1st 2 1 3
2nd 4 7 11
3rd 5 5 10
4th 11 5 16
5th 7 8 15
6th 11 14 25
7th 13 9 22
8th 12 10 22
Total 65 59 124


Total Stationeries requirement for Primary and High school- DINNUR

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Total
Drawing Book 0 11 10 16 15 25 22 22 121
200 Page (Double Ruled) 3 11 10 32 30 50 44 44 224
200 Page (Square Line) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
200 Page (Four Line) 3 11 10 48 45 100 88 110 415
200 Page (Normal) 3 11 10 48 60 125 132 132 521
Graph Book 0 0 0 0 0 50 44 44 138
Geometry Box 0 0 0 0 15 25 22 22 84
Pencils 6 22 20 32 60 100 88 88 416
Eraser 3 11 10 16 15 25 22 22 124
Sharpener 3 11 10 16 15 25 22 22 124
Scale 0 0 0 0 15 25 22 22 84
Pen 3 11 10 16 30 50 44 44 208

PHOTOS : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/BudikoteKolarKA

BLOG : https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/ka-kolardistrict_budikote_gullhalli_dinnur



KA-IS Team.



200 students from 6 villages in Karnataka benefited through a special program arranged by India Sudar and Samsung Seva Team

Dear All,
India Sudar and Samsung Seva Team have arranged a special program for 10th standard students from 6 rural villages in Karnataka. There are 200 students participated and benefited.
Date: 06th March, 2010, Saturday
Venue : Government High School, Gedare(Chikkaballapur), Karnataka
Members Involved (India Sudar and Samsung) : L A Santhosh, Raghavendra, Bhargav, Ravikumar Kalaimani, Rajasekar, Biji and Deepak
Duration of the Event: 10:00am – 01:30pm
Govt schools participated :
(1) Gedare,
(2) Chikkakurugodu,
(3) Alipura
(4) Alkapura
(5) Kadallaveni
Sequence of Events:
Students from 6 different schools all belonging to 10th std were assembled in a class room.
Pamphlets containing information about different Careers prospects after 10th std and details about the 10th std examinations was distributed to all the students.
In the first session(10:00am – 11:30am), Prof Subbanna addressed all the students and gave them tips as how to crack the 10std examinations. He also familiarized the students with the new format of the examinations and all doubts regarding these were cleared.
In the second session(11:40am – 12:15pm), Prof Subbanna put forth the various career prospects available to students after completion of their standard 10. This was a interactive session and the motivational speech at the end was the highlight of this session.
In the final session(12:30pm – 01:20pm), Prof Subbanna enlightened the teachers about the innovative methods of teaching and ways of boosting the students confidence before exams. The question bank books were distributed to teachers. Information regarding how to use the question bank and the various subject books(compilation of previous year papers and the papers released by SSLC Board) was given to the teachers.
We have received good feedback from students and they requested us to conduct such programs for remaining students in all the govt schools in and around Chikkaballapur.  Teachers requested us to conduct such programs little earler from next year onwards.
At the end of this session, Ravikumar K presented Prof Subbanna with a India Sudar T-Shirt as a token of appreciation.

Prof Subbanna deserves a special mention for his enthusiasm and his motivation even at the age of 82.

Professor Subbanna and his success stroy : After a successful career in NCERT and education departments, he has taken up the noble cause of guiding rural kids on the career opportunities available. He has also authored several books on career guidance and on cracking the state, CBSE and ICSE exams. He has conducted several workshops in Govt. schools towards this cause (including Kakolu where we conducted the quiz recently).

This was followed by a small photo session with the students, the photos of which and the above mentioned events can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/InteractiveSessionWithProfSubbannaFor10thStandardStudentsKARNATAKA?feat=directlink.
The event was successful and the India Sudar and Samsung teams efforts in making the event successful was highly appreciated.
India Sudar thanks G C Ramachandraiah – Headmaster of gedare, Seshadri – Headmaster of Chikkakurugodu, Volunteers involved and Samsung team members for taking special interest in making this event successful.
Bhargav and Ravi
+91-98452 22670

Welcome India Sudar Affiliated Organization ‚ÄúEnMakkal‚ÄĚ

Dear Friends,

Its our pleasure to Invite India Sudar Affiliated organization ‚ÄúEnMakkal‚ÄĚ to ‚ÄúIndia Sudar Open Charitable Platform‚ÄĚ to reach our vision.

Our Sincere Thanks to India Sudar member Mr. Sankara S P, Who made this partnership.

Org Name : EnMakkal

About Org: "Society has done its part to us…. Now its our Turn" So we are here! A Team of powerful youngsters to educate poor & Needy.

Web Site : http://www.enindiamakkal.blogspot.com/

Group contact : enmakkal

Contact detail : Sankara S P, Action Board Member, spoothar, 9035388099

(Other action board members can be seen in http://www.enindiamakkal.blogspot.com/)

Message from EnMakkal team:

We are starting this team with a great hope and confidence to EDUCATE THE NEEDY.

Our primary aim is to pull more people into our team.

We are concentrating on

1) Teaching the poor.

2) Helping the poor for their education. (Proving materials)

3) Making the unreachable information reach poor at the right time.

We want this team to be affiliated to India Sudar. We also assure you that, "This team will perform all the activities through India Sudar only".

India Sudar
Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

"Own It & Do It"

Tamil Nadu, Karur nammallvar visit

Dear friends,
last week I visited Nammallvar vanagam Trust,Today he visited my farm and given me valid advice and idea about Eco system,we all worried about Environmental changes but least bother about Ecological understanding..

If you are interested please visit VANAKAM


India Sudar has arranged a special program for 10th standard students from different villages in KARNATAKA

Dear All,

India Sudar has arranged a special program for 10th standard students from different villages in KARNATAKA

Professor Subbanna and his success stroy : After a successful career in NCERT and education departments, he has taken up the noble cause of guiding rural kids on the career opportunities available. He has also authored several books on career guidance and on cracking the state, CBSE and ICSE exams. He has conducted several workshops in Govt. schools towards this cause (including Kakolu where we conducted the quiz recently).

India Sudar and Prof. Subbanna : India Sudar KA Team is interacting with professor to conduct a program at government scools in rural villages, which will benefit all students going to appear for 10th Standard. His interactive session, guidance along with his specially prepared books will boost their confidence and they can score more marks as well.

India Sudar Program and Schedule: India Sudar arranged a program at Chikkakurugodu with Prof. Subbanna on 6th March 2010, Saturday @ 9a.m.

Prof. Subbanna will have a interactive session for about 2 hrs with all 10std students facing the exam and giving them useful tips. For this, he will use the books prepared for this purpose alone (a question bank and tips book). Towards the end of the program he will distribute these books.

Actual cost of the book per subject is Rs 10, six subjects which sums upto Rs 60. We are getting 50% discount price on the actual price.

Number of schools going to participate: Govt schools from the following villages will be benefited
(1) Gedare,
(2) Chikkakurugodu,
(3) Alipura
(4) Alkapura
(5) Kadallaveni

Number of students will be benefited: 200

Schedule: IS KA Team will start 7:30am from Bangalore and the program will take about 3 hours.

Project Cost : We are planning to distribute Prof. Subbanna books for all 200 students. The estimated cost is Rs. 6000.00. (200 * 30)
Please let us know, if any of you willing to contribute for this project.


‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’

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