[IS KA] Drawing competition and prize distribution at Angel’s orphange, Bangalore

Dear All,
India Sudar and Samsung Seva Team together conducted drawing competition at Angel’s Orphange, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore and distributed prizes for all winners on 21st Feb 2010, Sunday.
There are total 70 students with age group from 5 to 15 are participated in this competition and enjoyed it. We have divided into three groups based on age and distributed prizes for all 9 winners along with India Sudar certificates. We also distributed chocolates to all participants and arranged groceries for a month.




  1. Hi there!

    It’s fascinating to visualize it. Great team work. It is greatly appreciated.

    Always with love,

  2. Hi,

    Are there any plans for drawing/painting competition being held in near future?
    Place Bangalore
    For School Students

    Thanks and Regards,

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