Tamil Nadu Visit to review Pudurnadu/Tirupattur centres !!

Hello All

We (Udhay & shiva) visited Tirupattur and Pudur nadu to review the existing projects and
interact with the students on Feb 13, 2009.

India Sudar Learning centre – Tirupattur

– Established last year along with Manam Malarattum.
– Currently class is going on at Kurisalapattu, 10 km from
Tirupattur, Vellore District.
– Our focus here has been to coach the +2 students to ehance their
score. Suresh Babu is teacher we fund for.
– Interacted with the students and they were all very much interested.
– Current year had some 30 students. We would expect some good results.
– As for current 11th std students, already some 25 students started coming.
The 12 std is already begin for them(It may Surprise many that evern govt
school has started teaching 12 std after 11th half yearly exam !!)
– Currently the subjects dealt are chemistry, maths and some biology.
Physics teacher at school itself is good.
– Process is after every chapter they have a test.
We will soon send report for this centre.
– FOr some time we gave some career tips to the students.

Mittur Girls high School:
– On request of Saravana we made short visit to Mittur grils school, before pudur nadu.
– Gave them some tips on career guidance & further studies.
– MAths teacher is very dedicated and aims for 100% result this time !!!
– Expecting to become higher secondary soon. Awaiting approval from Govt.
Pudur Nadu
– This is some 40 Kms from Tirpuattur located on Javad hills.
– Realtetively untouched by tourists, so development also limited.
– School run by forest dept. From past few year this high sec school
also got science & computer group.
– The HM is very dedicated guy. Results have been very low in 10th( for example
was 48% last year)
– The +2 results also asme. This year with the maths teacher, HM is confident
of taking to 80% & above.
– Find attached result of the 12th students. You can see visible improvement
of most of students. Last few years becasuse of maths result was bad.
With help of our dedicated teacherMr.Suresh Babu we would be able to do justice.

Pudur Nadu also has been joint project with Action2020 team and we sincerely
thank all partners especially Mrs.Lakshmi Radhakrishnan who is instrumental for this
to happen.

Both the centres are running well and we sincerely hope the students will
benefit fro mthis. Saravanan(Manam Malarattum) is making all efforts to spread
word of this centre so that few more can join.
He is also in process of setting up learning centre in 30 villages of Javad hills.
Ground work is being done. We will follow the developments in this also.
Our focus here will remain on mainly tribal students. A reasonably good scrore
will enable them to get admitted in GOvt colleges. Thats our goal too for bright students.

Photos of visit :



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