India Sudar Bangalore Joining hands with IISC, Bangalore – Welcome !!

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to introduce you to our new partner under the open charitable platform, "Note Book Drive (NBD) from IISc".
Considering the common vision shared between India Sudar (IS) and Note Book Drive of "enabling education for the underprivileged", it is mutually beneficial for both the groups to enter into a partnership. Having "NBD" as a partner organization in the "Open Charitable Platform" enables regular exchange between groups about ongoing projects with cross funding and volunteering wherever possible. Our experience from the joint execution of the note book drives over the last 2 years are a testament of this fact (We jointly reached out to nearly 5000 underprivileged kids located in ~40 villages across 5 districts in utterly backward+rural segments of Karnataka).

Brief profile:
Group Name: Note Book Drive (NBD) from IISc
About NBD: Note Book Drive (NBD) was started by students of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2002. Year by year, NBD has steadily grew to reach more and more needy students. Currently, in yr 2009, it had reached to over 2500 students across 19 schools in and around Bangalore (including 3 schools with help of IndiaSudar).
Address: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 560012
Google Group: notebookdrive
Contact Person(s):
Sandeep Kumar, Coordinator,, 09972252089
Chandni U, Coordinator, chandniu
Prashanth L.A., Coordinator, prashla

for KA-IS team



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