[Tamil Nadu/Chengalpattu] Visited to Special Home (Juvenile Rehabilitation for Delinquent Children)

Dear Friends,

*** This is first India Sudar project for “Juvenile Rehabilitation for Delinquent Children”. Need your support specially for mentoring ***

1. We visited to Govt Children Home for Boys, Special Home, Chengalpettu, TN and had discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) and his team to provide skill training as part of Juvenile Rehabilitation.

Visited Date: 01-Feb-2010.

Meeting With: Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) & his team (Mr.Gopal, Mr.Suresh Kumar, Mr.Balaram.V, Mr.Sownder Rajan, Mr.Nagendra Kumar )

Visited Place: Special Home, Govt Children Home for Boys, Taluk Office Compound, Chengalpettu, Kancheepuram  District,  Tamil Nadu – 603002.

Phone: 91-44-27424458

Visited By: Karthikeyan.M & Udhaya Kumar.V

Photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/GovtChildrenHomeForBoysChengalpettuTamilNadu

2.About this Home: Previous this home used as Government Home(This is the first juvenile School was started on 18th century in India, After that this school method was replicated to across county). Now this home converted as SPECIAL HOME to work as Juvenile Rehabilitation for Delinquent Children.

About Juvenile Justice System: There is a separate justice system set up for juveniles, complete with juvenile police officers and juvenile courts. While any police officer can pick up a juvenile for illegal activities, once taken into custody, typically the youth (till age of 18) must be turned over to a juvenile officer who will handle the case.

This is the only one Special home in Tamil Nadu. Previously this was in Vellore and now moved to Chengalpattu. Currently this home handling 35 students(till age of 18). This student home categorized under three sub homes for infrastructure and activity.

3. We visited complete school and interacted with set of the student to understand there need. They thrown lot lot of need like sports material, gym, library, bike mechanical training, gardening training, movies, papers, computer games, computer training, etc. After that we interacted with some individual students to understand there requirement and there career path.

After that  Mr.Thanasekara Pandian invited for meeting to interact with employee, six dedicated employees attended this meeting and provide more requirement and explained the problems. In last one year, Mr.Thanasekara Pandian did lot of changes within this School in sense of infrastructure and activity. Even though it’s very secure zone, we can see very good support from Mr.Thanasekara and his team. So we don’t have any issue to run any project to educate this children’s.

I personally feel, this place really need lot of support. I am not seeing any NGO woks in this place, because its out of city limit.

4. Special Home Requirement as follows, You can very well support anything you like. I feel its worth To Do.

4.1 Mentoring Program: We need volunteers who can visit to this home and mentor some identified children. I feel, we can initially go with 5 member’s team.

4.2 Driving Class with Driving License: Some of the students very much interested in driving. So Mr.Thanasekarapandian team recommending to get driving license with 25 days driving class. They are ready to identify local driving school, who can provide the training. IT cost Rs.3,500 per student.

Benefit: If this students come out from this school, they can very well get car driver job and get at lest Rs.5000 per month.

4.3 Bike Mechanic Training: We can run this training with help of one local mechanic. Already Mr.Thanasekarapandian identified one person, who ready to give training. This will take 3 months to train(9.am to 12.pm daily) 5 students within the campus itself. But this training expecting Rs.5,000 as salary.

Benefit: If this students come out from this school, they can start there own bike mechanic shop or work in any mechanic shops.

4.4 Computer Center Setup: This school already having computer center with 15 computer with one teacher also. But only 3 computers working and nothing much training happening. So we decided to re-start this center with 10 computer and provide CD base training Setup includes digital library setup.

4.5 Library Setup: This school having one old library. Its looks all very very old books. Studnets not much attracted because of old books. We can deploy our India sudar Library model for this school. Even some of the students requested latest books for this library, they don’t like all old books.

4.6 Sports Material: Most of the students requested they need good sports material like food ball, caram, boxing kit, Basketball, etc

4.7 GYM: Some set of student requested GYM setup & even Mr.Thanasekarapandian requested the same setup for this school. But It cost more. Even India Sudar cont get into infrastructure projects.

4.8 Gardening Material: they are doing lot of gardening. So they requested some of the gardening materials.

4.9 Cultural Program: Any one day cultural program with self motivation, “value life”, etc

4.10 Education Material for 12 Exam: 4 students interested to write +2 exam from this school.

We are thinking, now we can give high priority for Mentoring, Computer Center, Library and Sports Material. Please let me know, if your ready to support any of this project. I personally feel its worth to support these students.

5. I had discussion with one of the student(Prabhu), He complete 10th standard and having 380 marks. Currently he wants to write +2 exam and very much interested to take science group in +2. After that he wants to do degree and prepare for IAS exam. He wants to be IAS Office in his life. He is very clear in while speaking and given the list of requirement for this school. I am really wondering why this guy in this school ?!, Yes, “Some time situation will decide, Where you want to be. Not U – Small mistake will make huge impact in our life, who knows!?.”

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Udhaya Kumar.V
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  1. dear sir,
    Thanking you for sending this information.kindly let me know how i will help this camp.
    please guide me since this is first experience.i need your help.send reply sir.
    with regards

  2. Dear sir,
    My brother is a special child, sir.. We need your help to join in your school .. Please reply me sir..
    Thanks and regards

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