This is what we have done !- GHSS,R.Pettai,Karur,TN

Dear All,

Build future India sponsored Rs. 4,300 to motivate the students studying in 10th and +2. They distributed certificate folders and gifts on 26.1.2010 in the following categories:

1. students maintained best performance in quarterly and half yearly exams.
2. Students who scored more marks in half yearly exam than quarterly exam,
3. Students who passed all subjects in half yearly (But failed in many subjects in Quarterly exam). – Really motivating and improves the pass percentage.
4. Student who did some activities and small projects in science (like windmill, electricity generation, Burglar alarm etc…)

Please find the photos @

Teachers’ contribution:
After observing our activities,

Physics teacher of this school announced Rs. 2000 for Topper-+2 Maths and Rs.1000 for 10th- maths-centum scorer.
Science teacher announced Rs.500 for highest scorer in science – 10th std.
I hope we can expect some more changes and better performance in near future.

Complete summary about the activities done in Government Hr.Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur, TN. We are supporting this school since 2008.
With this, we would like to stop the Infrastructure oriented support to this school.

But we can continue the support such as student motivation, seminars, lectures, Historical and Industrial trip……

My personal Thanks to Indiasudar and our partner organisations.

Activities Amount spent (Rs) Done By
Drainage facility 7075 Sneham Trust
Library 14,000 Indiasudar
Prize distribution 2,500 Indiasudar
Computer Centre for Renganathampettai village 15,290 Indiasudar
Salary for computer teacher per year 15,000 Indiasudar
Books for library 3070 Build Future India
Motivation for 10th and +2 students 4,300 Build Future India
Class room construction 20,350 Build Future India
Furniture for lab 7650 Build Future India
Mike 1750 Build Future India
Science lecture and Youth Convention camp 850 Build Future India
Total 91,835

Best Regards,



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