[IS KA] Drawing competition and prize distribution at Angel’s orphange, Bangalore

Dear All,
India Sudar and Samsung Seva Team together conducted drawing competition at Angel’s Orphange, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore and distributed prizes for all winners on 21st Feb 2010, Sunday.
There are total 70 students with age group from 5 to 15 are participated in this competition and enjoyed it. We have divided into three groups based on age and distributed prizes for all 9 winners along with India Sudar certificates. We also distributed chocolates to all participants and arranged groceries for a month.



India Sudar Bangalore Joining hands with IISC, Bangalore – Welcome !!

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to introduce you to our new partner under the open charitable platform, "Note Book Drive (NBD) from IISc".
Considering the common vision shared between India Sudar (IS) and Note Book Drive of "enabling education for the underprivileged", it is mutually beneficial for both the groups to enter into a partnership. Having "NBD" as a partner organization in the "Open Charitable Platform" enables regular exchange between groups about ongoing projects with cross funding and volunteering wherever possible. Our experience from the joint execution of the note book drives over the last 2 years are a testament of this fact (We jointly reached out to nearly 5000 underprivileged kids located in ~40 villages across 5 districts in utterly backward+rural segments of Karnataka).

Brief profile:
Group Name: Note Book Drive (NBD) from IISc
About NBD: Note Book Drive (NBD) was started by students of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2002. Year by year, NBD has steadily grew to reach more and more needy students. Currently, in yr 2009, it had reached to over 2500 students across 19 schools in and around Bangalore (including 3 schools with help of IndiaSudar).
Address: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 560012
URL: http://notebookdrive.googlepages.com/
Google Group: notebookdrive
Contact Person(s):
Sandeep Kumar, Coordinator, sandeep.kr.prasad, 09972252089
Chandni U, Coordinator, chandniu
Prashanth L.A., Coordinator, prashla

for KA-IS team


Karnatka Chitrdurga schools

Hello friends

I have visited 3 Govt primary schools near by my city chitradurga.All
the childrens studying in these schools are very poor .
I talked with teachers and head masters and collected there
requirements /needs .

I have already spoke with Vinod and Uday regarding this .I have
prepared exel sheet in which i have incorporated all requirments.
Attached is the requirments sheet .

Hello friends

I have visited 3 Govt primary schools near by my city chitradurga,Karnataka .
All the children’s studying in these schools are very poor .
I talked with teachers and head masters and collected there requirements /needs.

I have already spoke with Vinod and Uday regarding this .I have
prepared excel sheet in which i have incorporated all requirements.

Attached is the requirements sheet .

Vinod and Uday

Please consider these schools.

One more thing my friend is agreed to donate nearly Rs .10,000 for his
school located near by my city chitradurga .I am going to visit his
school this week end and collect all the requirements and update you
all .

Tamil Nadu Visit to review Pudurnadu/Tirupattur centres !!

Hello All

We (Udhay & shiva) visited Tirupattur and Pudur nadu to review the existing projects and
interact with the students on Feb 13, 2009.

India Sudar Learning centre – Tirupattur

– Established last year along with Manam Malarattum.
– Currently class is going on at Kurisalapattu, 10 km from
Tirupattur, Vellore District.
– Our focus here has been to coach the +2 students to ehance their
score. Suresh Babu is teacher we fund for.
– Interacted with the students and they were all very much interested.
– Current year had some 30 students. We would expect some good results.
– As for current 11th std students, already some 25 students started coming.
The 12 std is already begin for them(It may Surprise many that evern govt
school has started teaching 12 std after 11th half yearly exam !!)
– Currently the subjects dealt are chemistry, maths and some biology.
Physics teacher at school itself is good.
– Process is after every chapter they have a test.
We will soon send report for this centre.
– FOr some time we gave some career tips to the students.

Mittur Girls high School:
– On request of Saravana we made short visit to Mittur grils school, before pudur nadu.
– Gave them some tips on career guidance & further studies.
– MAths teacher is very dedicated and aims for 100% result this time !!!
– Expecting to become higher secondary soon. Awaiting approval from Govt.
Pudur Nadu
– This is some 40 Kms from Tirpuattur located on Javad hills.
– Realtetively untouched by tourists, so development also limited.
– School run by forest dept. From past few year this high sec school
also got science & computer group.
– The HM is very dedicated guy. Results have been very low in 10th( for example
was 48% last year)
– The +2 results also asme. This year with the maths teacher, HM is confident
of taking to 80% & above.
– Find attached result of the 12th students. You can see visible improvement
of most of students. Last few years becasuse of maths result was bad.
With help of our dedicated teacherMr.Suresh Babu we would be able to do justice.

Pudur Nadu also has been joint project with Action2020 team and we sincerely
thank all partners especially Mrs.Lakshmi Radhakrishnan who is instrumental for this
to happen.

Both the centres are running well and we sincerely hope the students will
benefit fro mthis. Saravanan(Manam Malarattum) is making all efforts to spread
word of this centre so that few more can join.
He is also in process of setting up learning centre in 30 villages of Javad hills.
Ground work is being done. We will follow the developments in this also.
Our focus here will remain on mainly tribal students. A reasonably good scrore
will enable them to get admitted in GOvt colleges. Thats our goal too for bright students.

Photos of visit :


Karnataka Quiz program at Kakolu, Bangalore – A brief report

Quiz program at Kakolu, Bangalore – A brief report

School visited: Government High School, Kakolu

India-Sudar members attended: Uday, Shivu, Anil, Raghavendra, Ram, Prashanth, Santhosh, Tejaswini, Vinutha, Naveen, Murali Kakolu, Tanuja, Rishikesh

Date: 20th February, 2010

Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Total students benefited:

8th standard – 116

9th standard – 106

10th standard – 104


Quiz for 8th, 9th and 10th standard students

1. Preliminary round – written test, objective type – for 116 students from 8th,106 from 9th, and 104 from 10th standard

2. Top 6 students from each class are selected

3. 6 teams of 3 members each formed (2 teams from each class)

4. 5 rounds of quiz, consisting of – general questions, image identification, math puzzle, Pictionary, clue

5. Separate questions for audience

The volunteers reached the venue by 9.30am. First, the preliminary written test was conducted for all the students of all the classes (8th, 9th and 10th). Volunteers were spread across the sections and facilitated the distribution of question papers, monitoring and evaluation of the papers. The top 6 students from each class were selected for the main program (2 teams from 8th, 2 teams from 9th and 2 teams from 10th). There was a good response from the students and also tough competition between the teams, with 2 tie breaks. The 9th standard students bagged the first prize, while 10th standard students had to be content for the 2nd place. Though the 8th standard students came 3rd, their challenging comeback and talent is highly appreciated.

The quiz program was followed by prize distribution ceremony. The prizes were sponsored by Dr. B.V. Kumar from Cognizant. He also presided the event, with the participation from local agriculture officer and other leaders. The India Sudar effort in supporting the rural education was appreciated. The function followed by lunch, courtesy Mr. Murali Kakolu.

The program photos can found @ http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/KokaloreKarnataka#

Please find the report attached.

India Sudar KA Team


“It does not matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going” – Anonymous




Dear All,

We have completed six years and marching forward  to reach  more and more deserved students from all over India.  It is not possible without your great and continuos  support.

We are introducing India Sudar T-Shirts to our members.

India Sudar T-Sirts are available for sale and the cost of each India Sudar T-Shirt is just Rs. 300.00. 

You can gift to your family members and friends. You can recommend to your colleagues and well wishers. As usual, we are looking for your strong support. 

Please contact your state team lead and trustees – http://www.indiasudar.org/contactus.html   or write to admin@indiasudar.org



KA: Career Path Guidance Programme with Motorola Global Engineering Marathon

Dear All,

India Sudar KA team along with Motorola Global Engineering team & PROMISE foundation conducted Career Path Guidance Programme on saturday, 6th February 2010 at Motorola, Bagmane Tech Park.

There was Quiz programme for students (Maths/Sciene) and there were various lectures on Health, Mathematics & Science presented by Professors in respective fields, entirely organised by Motorola team

An overview on career paths available in our education system was presented and various queries by students were answered by Raghavendra of India Sudar – KA team.

There were around 150-200 students of 8th, 9th & 10th standards (from four different schools) participated in this event.

Members present from KA team – Suresh, Kamal, Raghavendra, Anil, Vinutha, Thejaswini

Check out this link for photos



India Sudar KA Team


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