A brief summary of survey conducted by KA-IS team last week:

Date(s): 9-Jan
Location: Kakolu Village, Bangalore rural
Members: Murali Kakolu, Prashanth L A
Schools surveyed: 2
– Government Higher Primary School, Kakolu
– Government High School, Kakolu
The details of the survey are available in the attached spreadsheet


* This area is quite backward with agriculture labour being the primary occupation.
* The primary needs of the schools are the notebooks/stationeries for the next academic year
* It would also help the students in the high school if we conduct awareness programs such as quiz, science, creative classes.
* The High school has a computer lab with 10 computers, but they lack educational software. Additionally, the teachers here are not comfortable using computers. The higher primary school has two computers and surprisingly has Azim Premji Foundation software for teaching. But, the teachers in HPS also need to be trained on how to use the software as teaching aids.

What next?
– As a first step towards spreading educational awareness, a quiz program is planned in February for the high school kids.
– Considering IS experience in setting up computer centers and training teachers, a teacher training program in envisaged for the parallel with the above for the computer centers in both the higher primary and high school

Thanks to Mr. Murali Kakolu, who joined the Karnataka core team recently. He hails from the same village (Kakolu) and has supported these schools individually in the past.

Through IS, we look forward to bring in more changes in this area to achieve our vision of elevating educational standards and request your earnest support towards this cause.

Prashanth for KA-IS team


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