Visit to Vidyarambam Trust


We (me, Athi& Sargunan) have visited the ‘Vidyarambam Trust‘ on 18-Nov-2009 and had discussion with V.Ranganathan (Founder). We have discussed the following information during the meeting


Vidyarabam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality of education to all under privileged pre-primary children. They have provided training for the students upto 5th standard. Vidyarambam which is conducting only part-time support class in the last 6 years is now venturing to run a full time regular school, that too in English medium. Vidyarambam’s initial aim was to get children started on their journey through literacy but now, the Trust continues to provide support classes through the support course  programs for the children already in Class 1,  2, 3, 4 and  5 but weak in their mother tounge (Tamil) and simple arithmetic. Teaching and learning material used in the center is child friendly and age appropriate. Most of the materials are developed and provided by the vidyarambam Trust. Vidyarambam is doing the service only in the remote village area.


KIDS – Providing literacy to pre-primary and Class I children
Support Course Junior – Improve the reading ability and doing simple arithmetic for students of class II & III
Support Course Senior – providing support classes for students of Class IV and V
Libraries – More than 250 children story books as further reading materials made available at each center
Mobile Toy Library – About 250 toys and games stored in a van that travels village to village and allows children to play with games for 2 hours
Easy Learning English – Teach rural students of Class VIII to speak English fluently, read with comprehension and write without errors.

Vidyarambam running center in 22 districts in tamilnadu and nearly they have 600 center in those districts. They have given training for the students in the following areas.

1. Academics
2. Language Skill (Tamil & English)
3.Social Skill
5.School Syllabus

Please find the detailed program offered by vidyarambam.
Website :

Training for the teacher:

Vidyarambam has given the training to the teacher in the above mentioned area and provided the materials only for the teacher. The teachers are trained periodically to develop their skills and to support them in the teaching and handling of young students. Teachers are also encouraged to developing their talents and sharing it with the other teachers e.g.talent in singing, story telling.

What we can do with Vidyarambam:

We can identify the village and setup the similar kind of the center to teach the students. They are ready to train the teacher and provide the material for them. But we need to pay the salary for the teacher in the center. They are now  paying per students Rs.20 for the teacher as a teacher salary.

Website :
Thanks & Regards
Karthikeyan Mani


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