NorthWest(NW) Karnataka(KA): Belgaum District Visit Report

Dear Friends,
Last weekend (13, 14 and 15 Nov) we (Me and My Father) visited Khelegaon for personal work. Finished all our personal work and had time to explore around places and visited one school in Khelegaon. Khelegaon is the last KA village after this MH state starts. Nearest Town from KA is Athini(60+ KM), Belgaum District and from MH its Jath (40+ KM), Sangli District.
We travelled from Bangalore – Miraj(MH) – Athini – Ananthpur – Belegiri – Khelegaon. Journey from Miraj(MH) to Khelegaon was in bus and I could see lot of villages where there is ZERO development. This part of the state is totally dry and most of the ppl are relying on rain for farming. Majorely people are dependent on Agriculture and some of the people travel to town for work.
On the way to Khelegaon there were 20+ Govt Schools in both KA and MH states and in one glance I could make out that these are not up to the standards of basic Govt Schools. It was Friday morning schools and most of the schools were empty not sure about the reason.
We reached destination i.e. Khelegaon around 1600 Hrs and finished all my work and I stayed over night. Next day morning 0700 Hrs went to Khelegaon Govt School. School was not opened yet so waited for 30 mins. Around 0730 Hrs Basavaraj sir, Head master came and I introducted my self and briefed about IS. It was prayer time and Basavaraj Sir told that he would continue talks with me after some time.
Later went to school office and continued the discussion. After listening to me, one question he asked “how much discount you would give for stationaries etc”. Then i explained its not the discount, but we are giving out for free to improve the eduction standards in govt. schools. By this we could make out that there is no support from any NGO’s or local people for school. Anyways.. after having the detailed discssions Basavaraj sir explained about the school performance and willing ness of the kids.
Some of points mentioned by Head master are mentioned below;
  1. 15 % Kids are willing to study at any cost and they are ready to any thing to continue there studies and are above average.
  2. 20% to 25% kids are coming from back word community and cannot afford to buy out the basic necessary things.
  3. 5% of kids are very brillient and exceptions, last year one student scored 98% marks in science and maths. List of students who have topped are written in the school office.
  4. There are less absents and class attendence is full most of time.
  5. Once in 3 months district/taluk Head master meeting is held. Next meeting is some time in Jan’10 and he said that he will invite us and requested if we could join then we will get a more inputs of the Govt schools of surrounding places.
  6. Basavaraj sir said that he has applied for Computer set up 1 year ago, but there is no response from Govt. He is hoping to get some computers next year but not sure.
  7. Students are not having any computer awareness and ZERO knowledge about computer as students never got a chance to see the computer.
Head master reqested :
  1. Science materials for primary and high school.
  2. There is very huge ground and there are no Sports items in schools. Requested Sports items like cricket set, vollyball, disc, football, badminton, carram board, chess etc.
  3. If possible, then stationary materials for BPL kids. He will give the list of students.
  4. If possible he asked of computers are set up then it would be really helpfull to students.
Considering all the facts this place I thing needed a great attention. This would be the starting point for us to reach out NW part of Karnataka and spread awareness about future prospects after SSLC (10th). This place is border and slowly we can start working in MH state also.
Unfortunately i did not carry Camera so could not take any photographs.
KA-IS Team.

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