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Last weekend (30th oct 09 – 31st oct 09) we (Vinod, Rama and Prashanth Gane) visited Gulbarga for setting up first pilot Learning and Library Center. Agenda was to set up 4 Learning Centers for Janani CMRC Kamalapur, Janashakti CMRC Sulepet, Sarvodaya CMRC Kalag, Jyoti CMRC Kodli, Arunodaya CMRC Nagaidalai and 1 Full time teacher in Ratal Govt School and 1 Library center in Kamalapur.

We started our meeting by 0900 hrs and in a short while Learning Center Teachers from all the CMRCs joined.
There were,

  1. 3 Teachers from Jannani CRMC, Kamalapura
  2. 1 Teacher from Janashakti CMRC, Sulepet
  3. 1 Teacher from Arunodaya CMRC, Nagaidalai

who joined the discussion. We selected 1 teacher for Kamalapura and 1 for Sulepet. Two selected teachers are ladies and male candidates were not promosing and dedicated enough for Learning Centers. Teacher from Arunodaya we could not select as he was very experienced and was not having Science and Maths Knowledge. From Kalagi CMRC and Kodli CMRC teachers did not turn up so we could not finalise the Learning centers.

Selected Teacher Information:

  1. Bharthi, 9743029939 – BA, BEd for Sulepet – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010
  2. Gayatri Kallappa, Currenlty studying PUC Science for Kamlapura – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010

Learning and Library Center Location

  1. Govt School (Temp) Sulepet.
  2. Community Hall Maragutti Village.
  3. IS Community Library, Kamalapur CMRC.

About Community Library Centers – Kamapapur
We have provided 176 Community and chidren books to Kamalapur CMRC. There was very good response from all the CMRC members as well as Kavitha Madam, CMRC Manager. We asked to maintain a Book Shelf along with the Library Register which would be used to track the books taken for reading. We advised CMRC manager that if rent system for books is implemented then it would be good for long term maintenance of the Library. With a IN and OUT entry in the register we will come to know about the interest of individual person so that for the future Library centers we can pick related books.
Ex. 5 days books for free renting and 6th day onwards till the book is not returned they can charge minimum fine of 25 paise to 50 paise and the money collected with these can be utilized for further book purchase as well as maintaining.

About Learning Centers

  1. Every month 2 test would be conducted by teacher and results to be shared with IS. This will enable us to find the performance of the teacher as well as find the GAP where we need to concentrate.
  2. Evaluation for Teachers.
  3. Expectation set with the Teachers. Based on the students response and learning capacity Teachers can make necessary improvement plans.
  4. Sharad the complete career path poster with Teachers as well as Kamalapur CMRC Manager. Kavitha Madam assured that she will try to get it painted in the school as well as CMRC. This will help students to know the different options available after PUC II.

We this is the pilot project which we started we are 100% sure that in coming months we will reach to most needy places.

We are very thank full to HM Kulkarni Sir, who took time to make this visit successful.

Below is the link for photos:

We have started this pilot project, going forward no of LC as well as Libraries will increase. Every month we are having shortage of funds for paying salaries. Please update if any one is interested to take up these projects.

KA-IS Team.


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