Dear All,
I visited HOPE World Wide India – HOME, Trichy on 31st October 2009 and it is home for 53 orphans and semiorphans with age group varies from 5 to 15. This home is managed by Mr. Karunanidhi with major donations from local well wishers at Trichy.
DSC09949This home started in 2003 and have good building donated by two NRIs, Dr. Marvin and his brother. According Mr. Karunanidhi, Administrator, they are get funding from Dr. Marvin and his brother for operations like food, accomodation and other daily expenses, but they are managing funds to support all 53 children’s education through local well wishers.
They installed many donation boxes at most of the shops at Trichy and collecting funds though that. Also, they have few people to donate money periodically.
In this home, they can provide accomodation for minors only (till age of 18 and below). Once students crossed 18 years, they are not allowed to stay at home and they need to find their way.
There are 2 girls and 1 boy lost their parents around  6 years back and they were brought to this home by their far-relatives. They grown up at this home and doing II nd year B A Economics and B Sc Zoology at Trichy.
Since both girls crossed 18 years, Mr. Karunanidhi helped them to find a small rented portion near to that home and they are continuing their college from there.
Kritika, doing BSc Zoology, wants to continue her studiest till M.Phil and get into some govt job. Krupa, wants to go for job after her B.A Economics and continue her studies as part time. Based on my interaction, both girls wants to study well and get into good job to help needy people.
Mr. Karunanidhi is looking for someone to help both girls to manage their room rent, daily expenes, bus passes and their semester fee as well. Here is their monthly expenses 
Rent per month Rs. 700,
Electricity Bill Rs. 125 per month
Groceries and food items Rs. 600 per month
Bus pass Rs. 100 per month
Educational support for both girls :
Semester fee, Book fee and Exam fee comes around Rs. 6000 per semester for both.
However, they managed to pay their college fee till now and they would need support from next semester onwards. Mr. Karunanidhi said that we can pay their college fee to college directly through cheque.
This home was referred by Kumudam Reporter Mr. Karthikeyan. He is one of the good reporter and he is doing more than his work to help poor and deserved students.
Here is the contact details of WORLD WIDE  INDIA – Home
No:43, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
Edamalaipatti Pudur
Trichy – 620012,
Phone : +91-431-2473032, +91-9345213855

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  1. i am iyyappan i runing one org name of ozone handicapped socity in puducherry. 605009.
    so i come to our org. so help to my social activates. thanks.

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