Visit to Vidyarambam Trust


We (me, Athi& Sargunan) have visited the ‘Vidyarambam Trust‘ on 18-Nov-2009 and had discussion with V.Ranganathan (Founder). We have discussed the following information during the meeting


Vidyarabam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality of education to all under privileged pre-primary children. They have provided training for the students upto 5th standard. Vidyarambam which is conducting only part-time support class in the last 6 years is now venturing to run a full time regular school, that too in English medium. Vidyarambam’s initial aim was to get children started on their journey through literacy but now, the Trust continues to provide support classes through the support course  programs for the children already in Class 1,  2, 3, 4 and  5 but weak in their mother tounge (Tamil) and simple arithmetic. Teaching and learning material used in the center is child friendly and age appropriate. Most of the materials are developed and provided by the vidyarambam Trust. Vidyarambam is doing the service only in the remote village area.


KIDS – Providing literacy to pre-primary and Class I children
Support Course Junior – Improve the reading ability and doing simple arithmetic for students of class II & III
Support Course Senior – providing support classes for students of Class IV and V
Libraries – More than 250 children story books as further reading materials made available at each center
Mobile Toy Library – About 250 toys and games stored in a van that travels village to village and allows children to play with games for 2 hours
Easy Learning English – Teach rural students of Class VIII to speak English fluently, read with comprehension and write without errors.

Vidyarambam running center in 22 districts in tamilnadu and nearly they have 600 center in those districts. They have given training for the students in the following areas.

1. Academics
2. Language Skill (Tamil & English)
3.Social Skill
5.School Syllabus

Please find the detailed program offered by vidyarambam.
Website :

Training for the teacher:

Vidyarambam has given the training to the teacher in the above mentioned area and provided the materials only for the teacher. The teachers are trained periodically to develop their skills and to support them in the teaching and handling of young students. Teachers are also encouraged to developing their talents and sharing it with the other teachers e.g.talent in singing, story telling.

What we can do with Vidyarambam:

We can identify the village and setup the similar kind of the center to teach the students. They are ready to train the teacher and provide the material for them. But we need to pay the salary for the teacher in the center. They are now  paying per students Rs.20 for the teacher as a teacher salary.

Website :
Thanks & Regards
Karthikeyan Mani

Exnora Digital literacy program started in India Sudar Computer Training Center at Melapedu


“Exnora Digital literacy program started in India Sudar Computer Training Center at Melapedu, Chennai on 21-nov-2009. The training programs are conducting with our partner organization Exnora Digital literacy Team. Arumugam and Shankar from Digital Exnora team was launched the first training program and gave the small presentation about the program to the students. The main aim of the program is to train the students in the basic computers without any teacher. We are going to give the voice based training for the students. The entire training program will be given in Tamil language. Other than our India Sudar regular course we are going to use Exnora Digital Literacry CD based training course for our students. It means we are still running our course as main program in all our Tamil Nadu Center, we are going to use this CD based program as Add on for our centers. Its won’t be a main program

The Entire Training program will cover the following topics

1.       MS Word

2.       MS Excel

3.       MS Power Point

4.       Basics of Computer

5.       Internet & Email

6.       Windows

The following India Sudar member attended for the program.

India Sudar Member:

1.       Udaya Kumar

2.       Sargunan

3.       Karthikeyan

Photos :

Thanks a lot for all our support.

Karthikeyan M

NorthWest(NW) Karnataka(KA): Belgaum District Visit Report

Dear Friends,
Last weekend (13, 14 and 15 Nov) we (Me and My Father) visited Khelegaon for personal work. Finished all our personal work and had time to explore around places and visited one school in Khelegaon. Khelegaon is the last KA village after this MH state starts. Nearest Town from KA is Athini(60+ KM), Belgaum District and from MH its Jath (40+ KM), Sangli District.
We travelled from Bangalore – Miraj(MH) – Athini – Ananthpur – Belegiri – Khelegaon. Journey from Miraj(MH) to Khelegaon was in bus and I could see lot of villages where there is ZERO development. This part of the state is totally dry and most of the ppl are relying on rain for farming. Majorely people are dependent on Agriculture and some of the people travel to town for work.
On the way to Khelegaon there were 20+ Govt Schools in both KA and MH states and in one glance I could make out that these are not up to the standards of basic Govt Schools. It was Friday morning schools and most of the schools were empty not sure about the reason.
We reached destination i.e. Khelegaon around 1600 Hrs and finished all my work and I stayed over night. Next day morning 0700 Hrs went to Khelegaon Govt School. School was not opened yet so waited for 30 mins. Around 0730 Hrs Basavaraj sir, Head master came and I introducted my self and briefed about IS. It was prayer time and Basavaraj Sir told that he would continue talks with me after some time.
Later went to school office and continued the discussion. After listening to me, one question he asked “how much discount you would give for stationaries etc”. Then i explained its not the discount, but we are giving out for free to improve the eduction standards in govt. schools. By this we could make out that there is no support from any NGO’s or local people for school. Anyways.. after having the detailed discssions Basavaraj sir explained about the school performance and willing ness of the kids.
Some of points mentioned by Head master are mentioned below;
  1. 15 % Kids are willing to study at any cost and they are ready to any thing to continue there studies and are above average.
  2. 20% to 25% kids are coming from back word community and cannot afford to buy out the basic necessary things.
  3. 5% of kids are very brillient and exceptions, last year one student scored 98% marks in science and maths. List of students who have topped are written in the school office.
  4. There are less absents and class attendence is full most of time.
  5. Once in 3 months district/taluk Head master meeting is held. Next meeting is some time in Jan’10 and he said that he will invite us and requested if we could join then we will get a more inputs of the Govt schools of surrounding places.
  6. Basavaraj sir said that he has applied for Computer set up 1 year ago, but there is no response from Govt. He is hoping to get some computers next year but not sure.
  7. Students are not having any computer awareness and ZERO knowledge about computer as students never got a chance to see the computer.
Head master reqested :
  1. Science materials for primary and high school.
  2. There is very huge ground and there are no Sports items in schools. Requested Sports items like cricket set, vollyball, disc, football, badminton, carram board, chess etc.
  3. If possible, then stationary materials for BPL kids. He will give the list of students.
  4. If possible he asked of computers are set up then it would be really helpfull to students.
Considering all the facts this place I thing needed a great attention. This would be the starting point for us to reach out NW part of Karnataka and spread awareness about future prospects after SSLC (10th). This place is border and slowly we can start working in MH state also.
Unfortunately i did not carry Camera so could not take any photographs.
KA-IS Team.



I met Darmesh(Treaser) from NGO called Mughil. MUGHIL is a non-profit organization; we call it as “Sangam” in Tamil, which formed mainly to serve the children and poor students who are deprived of their basic educational needs.

We are happy to introduce “MUGHIL” NGO as our PARTNER ORGANIZATION and work together to reach more deserved students in PONDICHERRY, Tamil Nadu.

India Sudar will work with MUGHIL NGO for educational projects.

Name of the Organisation Mughil

Telephone 91 9880553387 (Gobu E)


Web Address

Registration Details 112/2004 (Registered Under Tamilnadu Societies  Registration Act 27 of 1975)

Contact person Gobu, Mr. Darmesh S

Place(s) of operation PONDICHERRY

About TRUST ME Mughil was founded in year 2004 by the then passing out students of Information Technology, Pondicherry Engineering College. Over the course of time, benevolent hearts from around the globe have joined together for this noble cause

Vision o   Provide financial support for poor school and college students by sponsoring their   tuition fees, Bus fares and delivering books/stationery free of cost.
o   Serve the physically challenged students by fulfilling their basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter.
o   Conduct competitions and cultural events for the beneficiaries.
o   Instill confidence, liveliness and delight into their lives by active volunteering and participation

Mission Enable poor children and students to achieve their goals by enlightening them through education

Thanks & Regards

Karthikeyan M

India Sudar fulfils a father’s dream – Project Report

Dear All,  

August 2009  

One of our India Sudar Action Board Members Mrs. Sumathi Ravichender informed us about a student by name Mohana, who is a bright student from a poor family. We forwarded her details to our India Sudar OCP (Open Charity Platform) group and are waiting for someone to come forward to support her financially.  

Meanwhile, we have completed the detailed verification of  her school and family background.  

Student Mohana D/o Mr. Inbarasu

Student Mohana is from Alanthur, Chennai studied in Saint Thomas School, Butt Road,Chennai and scored 1012 marks in her II PUC. Her father Mr. Inbarasu is a tailor and earns around Rs. 6000 per month. Her mother is a house wife. she has two younger sisters.

 Mr. Inbarasu encouraged his daughter Mohana to become an engineer and which was a dream for both. She went through her engineering counselling and opted for B.Tech(IT) course at  Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, (Affiliated with Anna University Chennai), Chakkarayapuram, Kundrathur Road, Near Mangadu.Chennai- 600 069 (Tamil Nadu).

 To complete her admission process, she had to pay Rs. 60,000 within 15 days, which was indeed a shock for Mr. Inbarasu.

Fee details :

Admission+ College fee : Rs. 35000.00
Bus fee for 1 year     : Rs. 15,000
Book fee Rs. 10,000

 Seeing the  above fee structure, Mr. Inbarasu was compeletely down and he tried his best to collect some money for her first year fee, hoping that he can manage through educational loan from second year onwards.

 We posted her details to our India Sudar OCP and we could not get much response until the last day arrived. Meanwhile, Mr. Inbarasu approached us many times on phone and he lost his hope.

 Dream come True with India Sudar and Build Future India (BFI)

 Thanks a lot for Mrs. Sumathi Ravichender and our parter organization Build Future India (BFI) for their effort to arrange money and make their dream come true.  

 Current Status : November 2009  

 1. Mohana scored more than 75% in her 1 UNIT Test and she is busy preparing for 2nd UNIT Test. Her father is very happy to see her going to college and her mark sheets. He expressed his hearty thanks to India Sudar.  

2. Mohana would approach SBI to apply for her education loan next week.

 Attachment :

India Sudar project report is attached for your reference. As per process, the copy of receipts, mark sheets, college allotment letters are with India Sudar for reference and record purpose.

K. Ravikumar / Athi


Dear All,
I met Karthikeyan and Murali from a NGO called TRUST ME at TRICHIRAPPALLI, Tamil Nadu last on 31st October 2009.
There are 13 MSW Students and 1 lecturer formed this group and doing excellant service to needy people especially for those affected by HIV and their children.
We are happy to introduce “TRUST ME” NGO as our PARTNER ORGANIZATION and work together to reach more deserved students in TIRUCHIRAPPALI DISTRICT, Tamil Nadu.
India Sudar will work with TRUST ME NGO for educational projects.


Name of the Organisation Training and Rehabilitation for Underprivileged Society Through Mutual Enlightenment – (TRUST ME)
Postal Address No.1309, Amirtha Nagar,
Thiruvalluvar Avenue,
No. 1, Tollgate, Tiruchirappalli District,
Tamilnadu State,
PIN : 621 216(Administration Office)
No. 7/2, Omsakthi Complex,
Melachinthamani, Near Anna Statue,
Tiruchirappalli District,
Tamil Nadu State.
PIN   : 620 002 
Telephone 0431 – 4544434
Web Address Under Construction
Registration Details 112/2004 (Registered Under Tamilnadu Societies  Registration Act 27 of 1975) 
Contact person Mr. A. Arun Prakash. Mr. M. Karthikeyan
About TRUST ME TRUST ME is a Non Government Development Organisation Established in 2004, Registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1956, working for the empowerment & mainstreaming of underprivileged people with emphasis on Women, Children, downtrodden, Health and environment are the major areas of attention committed to the cause of urban and rural areas in Trichy Disrict, South India. 
Emblem:  The emblem of TRUST ME symbolizes the organization in letter and spirit, reflecting its basic tenet of ‘joining hands to Serving underprivileged’. Beginning with rendering ‘service’ to the poor and needy aiming to bring sunshine (hope) in their lives. By dedication ourselves to this noble cause, we intend for a sustainable development in their lives. 
Vision TRUSTME envisages building a healthy, uplifted, sustainable and comprehensive development of society, free of deprivation and strife towards the enrichment of human life and social care.
Mission To enable the people to take responsibility for the situation of the underprivileged society thereby giving an opportunity to realize their full potential and so motivate them to confront the situation through collective action towards establishment of an equitable social order.
Objectives Ø      To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of underprivileged social sections
Ø      To sensitize, act and promote basic health, education, environment and quality of living integration in mainstream society
Ø  To provide appropriate resources, trainings and develop processes for advocacy of human and child rights activities of vulnerable social categories concentrating on women rights for preventing social discrimination 
Ø      To conduct information networking, need based research, documentation and create a data base on all aspects for positive change

India Sudar Partner with Exnora

Dear Friends,

We(Sargunan.T, Karthikeyan.M & Udhaya Kumar.V) had meet with K.B.Sridhar, Chairman – Digital Literacy Exnora on 31-Oct-2009 at chennai to discuss about Exnora eLearning Content. We spend one hr in K.B.Sridhar office and he demonstrated eLearning content which is already they are using in some of the chennai centers with some of the NGO’s.
We are Very happy to introduce our New Partner organization Exnora to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our Common Vision.

About Digital Literacy Exnora: Digital Literacy Exnora’s vision is to empower deserving women and youth, with digital literacy skills, using self paced multimedia eLearning content in the regional Tamil language.
Address: E94, 13th West Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041
Dr. M.B. Nirmal; Advisor and Chief Mentor;
Rtn. K.B.Sridhar; Chairman; , 9940009990
Digital Literacy Exnora:

Exnora at web:

Collaborative Activity:
1. We will use Digital Exnora eLearning software in Tamil Nadu India Sudar Computer centers other then our regular training.
2. Work with Exnora for “India Sudar Education Environment” projects.

India Sudar
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
“Own It & Do It”

Felicitation by MLA and Computer center enhancement

Dear friends,

Please find below a brief summary of events conducted by KA-IS team last week

Date: 24-Oct-2009
Place: Chikkakurugodu, Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka
Members: Santhosh, Prashanth, Raghavendra, Anil, Bhargava, Vinutha
Purpose: Donate two desktops and conduct teacher training for the computer training center
: Visit indiasudar/ GovtAppretiationCihikkakurugod uQuizAtMadhugiri?authkey= Gv1sRgCIGcvbCu06DxZg#

Indiasudar-KA team had partially setup the computer training center in August 2009 in Chikkakurugodu as part of the India Sudar Computer Shikshana Kendra Project.






Recognition of IS efforts:

We started in this district by providing notebooks and stationeries to Chikkakurugodu school in 2006. Since then, we have setup library, computer center while continuing to provide notebooks every year – an effort that has helped this school become the number one in this taluk segment and also one among the top five in the district. We have also grown over these years to support more than 10 schools with the total number of beneficiaries upwards of 1500, all from utterly backward segments of the district (See

In recognition of IS efforts over the last few years, Sri. Shivashankar Reddy, the honourable MLA of Gowribidanur presented a letter of appreciation and gratitude to India Sudar and also felicitated the IS volunteers. This was followed by cultural programmes and a meeting with the parents.


Special thanks:

– Synopsys and Valtech for having provided excellent systems/laptops

– Azim Premji Foundation for providing the Educational/ Interactive software CDs and make this project a success.

– Special thanks to all volunteers for setting up and installation of the computers

We earnestly request you to continue your support for elevating educational standards of the underprivileged in rural segments.




CMRC Library and Learning Center – GULBARGA

Hello All,

Greetings …. !

Last weekend (30th oct 09 – 31st oct 09) we (Vinod, Rama and Prashanth Gane) visited Gulbarga for setting up first pilot Learning and Library Center. Agenda was to set up 4 Learning Centers for Janani CMRC Kamalapur, Janashakti CMRC Sulepet, Sarvodaya CMRC Kalag, Jyoti CMRC Kodli, Arunodaya CMRC Nagaidalai and 1 Full time teacher in Ratal Govt School and 1 Library center in Kamalapur.

We started our meeting by 0900 hrs and in a short while Learning Center Teachers from all the CMRCs joined.
There were,

  1. 3 Teachers from Jannani CRMC, Kamalapura
  2. 1 Teacher from Janashakti CMRC, Sulepet
  3. 1 Teacher from Arunodaya CMRC, Nagaidalai

who joined the discussion. We selected 1 teacher for Kamalapura and 1 for Sulepet. Two selected teachers are ladies and male candidates were not promosing and dedicated enough for Learning Centers. Teacher from Arunodaya we could not select as he was very experienced and was not having Science and Maths Knowledge. From Kalagi CMRC and Kodli CMRC teachers did not turn up so we could not finalise the Learning centers.

Selected Teacher Information:

  1. Bharthi, 9743029939 – BA, BEd for Sulepet – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010
  2. Gayatri Kallappa, Currenlty studying PUC Science for Kamlapura – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010

Learning and Library Center Location

  1. Govt School (Temp) Sulepet.
  2. Community Hall Maragutti Village.
  3. IS Community Library, Kamalapur CMRC.

About Community Library Centers – Kamapapur
We have provided 176 Community and chidren books to Kamalapur CMRC. There was very good response from all the CMRC members as well as Kavitha Madam, CMRC Manager. We asked to maintain a Book Shelf along with the Library Register which would be used to track the books taken for reading. We advised CMRC manager that if rent system for books is implemented then it would be good for long term maintenance of the Library. With a IN and OUT entry in the register we will come to know about the interest of individual person so that for the future Library centers we can pick related books.
Ex. 5 days books for free renting and 6th day onwards till the book is not returned they can charge minimum fine of 25 paise to 50 paise and the money collected with these can be utilized for further book purchase as well as maintaining.

About Learning Centers

  1. Every month 2 test would be conducted by teacher and results to be shared with IS. This will enable us to find the performance of the teacher as well as find the GAP where we need to concentrate.
  2. Evaluation for Teachers.
  3. Expectation set with the Teachers. Based on the students response and learning capacity Teachers can make necessary improvement plans.
  4. Sharad the complete career path poster with Teachers as well as Kamalapur CMRC Manager. Kavitha Madam assured that she will try to get it painted in the school as well as CMRC. This will help students to know the different options available after PUC II.

We this is the pilot project which we started we are 100% sure that in coming months we will reach to most needy places.

We are very thank full to HM Kulkarni Sir, who took time to make this visit successful.

Below is the link for photos:

We have started this pilot project, going forward no of LC as well as Libraries will increase. Every month we are having shortage of funds for paying salaries. Please update if any one is interested to take up these projects.

KA-IS Team.


Dear All,
I visited HOPE World Wide India – HOME, Trichy on 31st October 2009 and it is home for 53 orphans and semiorphans with age group varies from 5 to 15. This home is managed by Mr. Karunanidhi with major donations from local well wishers at Trichy.
DSC09949This home started in 2003 and have good building donated by two NRIs, Dr. Marvin and his brother. According Mr. Karunanidhi, Administrator, they are get funding from Dr. Marvin and his brother for operations like food, accomodation and other daily expenses, but they are managing funds to support all 53 children’s education through local well wishers.
They installed many donation boxes at most of the shops at Trichy and collecting funds though that. Also, they have few people to donate money periodically.
In this home, they can provide accomodation for minors only (till age of 18 and below). Once students crossed 18 years, they are not allowed to stay at home and they need to find their way.
There are 2 girls and 1 boy lost their parents around  6 years back and they were brought to this home by their far-relatives. They grown up at this home and doing II nd year B A Economics and B Sc Zoology at Trichy.
Since both girls crossed 18 years, Mr. Karunanidhi helped them to find a small rented portion near to that home and they are continuing their college from there.
Kritika, doing BSc Zoology, wants to continue her studiest till M.Phil and get into some govt job. Krupa, wants to go for job after her B.A Economics and continue her studies as part time. Based on my interaction, both girls wants to study well and get into good job to help needy people.
Mr. Karunanidhi is looking for someone to help both girls to manage their room rent, daily expenes, bus passes and their semester fee as well. Here is their monthly expenses 
Rent per month Rs. 700,
Electricity Bill Rs. 125 per month
Groceries and food items Rs. 600 per month
Bus pass Rs. 100 per month
Educational support for both girls :
Semester fee, Book fee and Exam fee comes around Rs. 6000 per semester for both.
However, they managed to pay their college fee till now and they would need support from next semester onwards. Mr. Karunanidhi said that we can pay their college fee to college directly through cheque.
This home was referred by Kumudam Reporter Mr. Karthikeyan. He is one of the good reporter and he is doing more than his work to help poor and deserved students.
Here is the contact details of WORLD WIDE  INDIA – Home
No:43, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar
Edamalaipatti Pudur
Trichy – 620012,
Phone : +91-431-2473032, +91-9345213855

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