Visit to Iniya Udayam Trust, Avadi Chennai

Dear All,

Last weekend(29-Aug-2009) myself and athi visited Iniya Udhayam Charitable Trust, Avadi, Chennai. Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust was established in the year 2004 by Mrs. Komala Sivakumar and Mrs. Sujathaa Shekar. Working for “Literacy and social awareness , self-support , community health,  empowering and motivating the people to the betterment  of  society”.  Previously (Apr 2008-Jun 2008) we have deployed teacher to provide the spoken English for the students.  There are more than 100+ students benefited by the Iniya Udayam Trust. Now they have provided two requirement for us.

Requirement :
1. Provide salary for the staff of the Children Organization
2. Provide the roof in front of the current place. (Infrastructure)

Children Organization :
They are now forming one organization called ‘Children Organization’. The purpose of the organization to include the students as a member of this Organization.  The children’s will come forward and provide the problem they were facing in school, home or etc. They will meet periodically(Once or twice in a month) to discuss about the issue and take the necessary action. The staff of the organization have to introduce the students to the Organization and meet the respective head to implement the action for the issue.  Like a Grama shaba they will forming this organization for the students. They asked us provide the salary for the staff. Now they are paying Rs.3500 per month for the staff salary.  If we can’t able to pay whole amount for the staff, we can try to pay Rs.1500-2000.

The trust has the strength of more than 100+ students, the current place is enough to hold only maximum of 40 students only. So they will conducting the classes for the 10th students in their school itself, all other students have to come to the Trust. In Weekdays they will conducting class only in the evening, so the students can sit in the open space. In weekends they will conducting class from morning, so they have to sit in a small room.  They have requested us to provide the some roof (Shelter) in front of the building.  The approx cost of the infrastructure is Rs.20,000. Since we are providing help for the students education, I am not sure whether we can help them for the infrastructure requirement.


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