North Karnataka (Raichur) : Visit Report

Day 2 : Raichur

IS Member Visited : Vinod, Uday, Shiva, Raaghu

It was 2100 Hrs by the time we(Vinod, Uday, Shiva, Raaghu) came back to MYRADA guest house after visiting all the CMRC. It was poring heavily and we were thinking the farmers would be very happy as there as near to draught like situation. We freshened up and headed towards for the dinner. Sri Siddanna G. Hallikeri & Sri H M Kulkarni also accompanied us and we shared our views about MYRADA’s work, effort, how its getting benefited to the common village people, how the common village people can become self sustained and get benefits from the new govt. programs which are meant for village people.

After dinner we spend some time with Sri Siddanna G. Hallikeri and then returned back to guest house. Spend some time sitting in the lawn and called for the day.

Morning (30-08-2009) we got up by 0400 hrs and headed towards to Gulburga station for boarding train towards Raichur. It was 1000 Hrs we reached Raichur and we reached LIC guest house by 1030 Hrs. Mr. Shreedhar, Joint secretary of LIC union arranged stay in LIC guest house. We finished our break fast and we were waiting for Sri Shreedhar in the guest house Sri Shreedhar came down to LIC guest house and started towards to Shakavadi. We could not get the direct bus to the Shakavadi and negotiated with Auto for to and fro fares including waiting charges.

We reached to Kotur Basaweshwara Trust @ 1130 Hrs.

This trust is started in 2008 by group of young people where were having a local club where they were doing social activities like health, education, public awareness, bringing back the drop outs back to the school etc. Seeing the condition of the govt. schools and with the intention of giving better education to the village kids these people started off with the private school which is maintained by the newly formed Trust.

There are four villages which Trust is covering currently (Shakavadi, Koduluru, Sagamkunta, Ibrahim doddihalli). Current 4 Villages population is around 8K. Most of the village people are BPL.

Trust started with the new primary school :
 There are 4 primary teachers for LKG, UKG, 1st Standard
 There are 60 kids (LKG – 23, UKG – 14, Ist – 23)
 Akshara foundation materials are used
 Parents are paying Rs 1200 as Fees for 1 year.
 Text books, notebooks and uniform are taken care by Parents.
 Trust is trying to give the standards of Private school with the minimum money.
 Most of the parents are from the Stree Shakthi Group members.
 If the parents are not able to give the school fees then, Stree Shakthi Group provide them with the school groups and later collect form the parents on a monthly installment with bare minimum interest levels.
 Most of the parents are from agriculture back ground
 There is no building for the school but currently running the school in hut, Trust has leased the land for 20 years and planning to purchase the land in near future
 Vision is to expand till High school, PUC and then Degree College.
 One of the Village person has donated a Open Auto for kids commutation and diesel for the Open Auto is donated by other person. This open runs twice a day.


One full time English Teacher. Salary is around 1500 to 2000 Rs.

On the way back we visited one “Sri Kanakadasa seva shikshna samsthe” orphan home, which was not part of the visit. This orphan home was started by Sri Shivaraj Patil Chief Justise of India later it was renamed to Sri Kanakadasa seva shikshna samsthe.

 This home is having of kids with the age from 3 years to 10 years.
 There are 132 kids of which, there are 42 Girls and 90 Boys
 Kids are from Koppal, Badami and Bidar.
 From 1st to 5th standard classes are carried out in the home only and later for high school kids go to near by govt. school
 Once the kids pass out the SSLC then if they are interested then further home supports else try to get some job and then they can take it on there own. There is only one such case.
 Strictly no monetary donations are accepted by the home. Donations in terms of things like food grains, study materials, teacher deployments etc are taken. Sri M Babu (Founder President) says reason behind is that there are people around who say that money is not utilized to run the orphan home. Some of the instances what Sri M Babu told us:
a. Sri Rahul Gandhi visited the orphan home during his election campaign and interacted with the kids and was very much impressed and in turn gave a spot cheque of 25 lakhs, but Sri M Babu denied and said that please if possible do some thing to own the we wanted to own the building.
b. Sri Santosh Hegde, LokAyuktha visited the home and offered 1 lakh for donation but again Sri M Babu denied saying that we wanted no donation but if the donations in terms of items is ok.
c. People from TV9 visited the place and reported in TV9. After broadcasting this report in TV9, one SW Engg from Bangalore visited and extended his support in terms of money but Sri M Babu rejected and said that please provide us with the long term food solution. Then the SW Engg opted to provide food grains for one year.

Like this there Many instances where people extended there help.

 Sri M Babu told about Devamma, who’s parent died and she was with her grant mother only. Her grand mother was “Jogi” who used to go around house and begs. Slowly this continued and leaving no option for Devamma to continue the same profession. She was bought to this home by some kind persons. She was very talented and with some of the extra effort from the Sri. M Babu she was able to pick up studies very well and considering her age Sri H Babu admitted her directly to 4th standard. We saw her Kannada and English notebooks, her hand writing were very neat and knowledge in line with the 4th standard students.
 Currently build rent is 45K per-month. This is bared by the Sri M Babu.


1. One full time English teacher to teach English as the English knowledge is very poor.
2. Career building programs for students.


Raichur, Karnatka :

On behalf of KA team


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