SPOKEN ENGLISH at Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai

Dear Sir,

I Wish to thankyou and India Sudar for allowing me to visit the children and to be with them during the weekend..

I was there at Royapuram on Saturday 29.08.09 afternoon, when Glory madam introduced me to the children – assembled in the auditorium..

Sunday 30.08.09 , We have done the following acitivies:


1. We divided the children into two batches, one for senior boys, in 9th and 10th standard , and the second batch for others.

2. Even though the enrollment for spoken english was about 35, there were about 10 children in the senior category who sat through the class..(list attached)

3. Afternoon session, 12 children from the juior section attended the class with complete and devoted attention.(forgot to collect names list)

The children who showed interested and learnt were defenitely above average and have very good grasping power. I am sure they can speak simple and correct english within a couple of months.

Seeing their enthusiasm, I have announced, that those who learn spoken english with interest will be taught computers, and also will get, 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes if they develop ability to speak in english with 8 sundays. I will sponsor the prizes, and would like to invite India sudar and also on that day when the prizes are given away ..

1. 1st prize: Cargo Jeans , and Full sleeve T shirt – Branded

2. 2nd Prize: Sports apparel ( Reebok shorts and T shirt)

3. 3rd Prize: School Bag and coolers(sunglasses)


I have formed a choir with Thomas and madan,(KANNAN AND MANI JOINING IN BETWEEN) to sing a song… We have practiced one film song and mastered it within couple of hours.. We want to practice every week..

I will try to rope in some one to play guitar or key board in the due course. I do not have anyone right now whom I know of..If some one reading this mail do know about a instrumentalist, please help us..


I have only knowledge of MS Office and internet.
They were provided with my laptop to basically explore on their own to open, shut, create files and do small things …

Next week-end Programme:

1. Spoken English

2. Music (film song )

3. Computer basics– Request you to provide us access to Computer lab if possible…

4. Cricket- planned to play with them.

5. Internet access. I have internet R card installed in laptop , which I intend to carry and provide them some knowledge about browsing in the internet…

I enjoyed every moment of being with them, and would like to visit them any time, when the Children’s Home permits or during the week ends..The boys are very affectionate and well mannered .. I will find it difficult to miss them for a week. I once again thank all those concerned for the opportunity…

With Best Regards


Sr.Manager-Customer Support

Plot No.2 B ,South Phase,

Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai 600 032

(s7 : +91 44 3068 6380

(Direct : +91 44 3068 6381

( Mobile: +91 97 9101 0050


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